How To Make the Most of Your Wardrobe While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for any college student who would love to be studying in a different part of the world for a few months. However, it can be quite daunting trying to figure out how to fit four to six months of clothing into only two suitcases! Without having to hurt your international travelers’ style, here are some tips on how to make the most of your wardrobe with limited luggage space.

Build off the Basics. While you are studying abroad, it is important to bring as many basics as possible and try to build off of that.  Think versatility! One of the only downsides to traveling all semester long is that you may not have the luxury to wear a different blouse and skirt everyday. If you bring basic tees and jackets, you can pair them with different combinations to transition them from day to night. Accessorizing is also a great way to jazz up an outfit and make it more versatile. Try adding scarves and necklaces to instantly change a look!

Wardrobe while studying abroad

Keep it Classic. A great idea for packing for a long trip is to bring lots of classic pieces such as dresses, boots and jackets. These are extremely versatile pieces that will easily transition from day to night, casual to dressy. This will save you a good amount of room in your luggage as well! You should only need to pack one pair of boots and a solid jacket to wear out, and dresses save you from needing to pack both day and evening outfits. Since you don’t have a lot of packing space, you want to make sure you can get a lot out of the pieces you wear.

Glam it up! It’s absolutely essential that you bring an outfit or two to wear for a night out. A little black dress is always a safe bet, and it’s an easy outfit to glam up with the right accessories and shoes. As I mentioned earlier, a staple coat such as a blazer or a leather jacket is a good idea to bring because it can be casual for the day but dressy when paired with going out attire. Don’t forget to bring a cute pair of heels, too! Having said that, remember to consider the fact that you will be standing in them all night and possibly walking long distances, so make sure you choose wisely when you decide to bring a pair for the entire semester.

Prepare for any Weather. You must be aware of the fact that you will be living in a new and unfamiliar country where you are inevitably susceptible to weather patterns you may be unprepared for. Make sure to bring a solid pair of boots in case the weather turns cold or stormy, as well as an umbrella in case of unsuspecting rain storms. To the contrary, pack a pair of sunglasses to wear while you are sightseeing, as well as hats to keep your face out of the sun or to generate heat in the cold. Check forecasts ahead of time so you can be prepared as possible!

Pack for Weekend Trips. Due to the nature of studying abroad, you may be taking some weekend trips to surrounding countries. Make sure you bring some outfits and accessories that accommodate a weekend getaway. Think a travel bag, camera, hat, sweaters, flip-flops and travel sized toiletries!Wardrobe while studying abroad

Do you have any other packing tips to add? Please do so in the spaces below!


About the Author: Trae Lewis is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she majored in journalism. She is currently a staff writer for CollegeFocus and an active community blogger. You can find CollegeFocus on Facebook at


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