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How to make a boring day fantastic

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There are times when we all wake up from the wrong side of the bed. Happens too often with me and to give you an insight into my life- I’m married and staying with in-laws 🙂 So you all can understand my state of mind! Well the reasons can be umpteen but the fact of the matter is what to do in such situations? How to make a boring day fantastic? Here I’m penning down some simple ways to make you feel better. They come straight out of experience and everyday tries. And trust me they work. So here I go…

  • Love yourself. Just do it! Nobody can love yourself like you. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy and smiling. People around can support but it is foremost your duty to ensure your happiness. Don’t wait for your boyfriend to call or your best friend to drop in. Just tell yourself that your are special and you will do everything to ensure your happiness. Make it a part of everyday routine and with time you will love yourself like crazy.
  • Spend time with your self. It’s ok if you have nothing to do throughout the day or you don’t have friends to bank on. Most of us are in the same boat and believe me when I say this- We all are fighting our own battles independently. At the end of the day, we are only responsible for ourselves, no one else is. Go to the nearby coffee or a joint where you love the food. Treat yourself and love your own company. I do it! If I’m on the go, I sit by at a coffee shop or a KFC and enjoy my Veg Zinger. I don’t wait for others to join, why should I? It’s my time and I will utilise it my way.  I go for my shopping by myself and I totally love it. No hassles of showing what I’m wearing to the other person for an opinion + I can spend as much time as I want in the mall. Love Thyself!
  • Have a happy shower. Sing while you bathe or smile over being silly but enjoy your bathing time. It’s just you with yourself bolted away from the world. Enjoy the aromatic soaps or shower gels. Indulge in shower baths and take your time. Care a damn about the world outside!
  • Love what you do or do what you love. Ok, you can’t leave your job or you hate your course- but you have to deal with it. So why not try to love it. Give it another angle of your life. You will finish the course for its for a fixed duration and you can change your job. These are not permanent things in your life so enjoy the time till you are involved with either. Cribbing everyday will only scoop out your positive energy so learn to live with it and let it be.
  • Don’t try to change the world. Let people, situations, things be. Don’t take it upon yourself to change people or circumstances around. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to be responsible. This only means that for things that can be or people who can be the way they are, don’t take it upon yourself as an agenda to change to make your life better. Nothing is changing and the only change you can bring about is in yourself. So, change your outlook towards all this and work on your happiness. Let people who do not matter go to hell or give them a- I don’t care attitude. You don’t have to get excited or rebellious or aggravated by such people or situations. Concentrate on yourself and close family/friends. Let others really go to hell.

Try these tips and I’m sure they will have a positive impact on your life. I have surely benefitted from these and they are out of my own experiences. I have written all of the above points in flat 15 minutes because everything is straight from the heart. If you have anything to add, it’ll be great to hear.

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