18 till I Die… How to look young !

How about some tricks to look younger and chirpier and entering a zone where digits in the age do no matter .All that matters is a confident and a radiant self .Well,simple changes in the wardrobe can shave off multiple years in the look. Women in their 40’s can look as close to someone in 20’s .Simple tricks, cutting, prints and dress materials can easily transform your look.

Let’s take a look on how to look young without undergoing knife and the emotional mess.

– Select prints carefully: Bold and beautiful will never be a passé. Don’t wear tiny motifs, animal prints to look younger- they’ll look as if you have picked your kid’s wardrobe. Instead try with subtle polkas , medium size flower prints and most important ‘Happy Prints’ .Yes, you can distinguish ‘Happy Prints’, just by looking at them.

-Contrasts: Wear sharp contrast like bright colors on dark fabrics .They add the youth and the delicacies as opposed to faded colors –that makes like a decade recycled outfit.

-Plain tees: whether with pants, jeans ,tunic or shorts ,one can never go wrong with it. This is the most effortless way to look young.

-Geometric designs: The easy way for elegance. Bold shades add contrast and ample scope for experimentation.

-Cut: A nice cut makes every dress stylish and very chic. Always pay attention to the cut, this is a very easy yet intricate trick to refresh the entire look.

-Trench coats: A must have for a rockstar look. Trench coats in bright hues to neutral ones always do the trick. Very stylish, very young!

-Play with colors : Be experimental. Don’t bore yourself with base colours. Add fresh colors and the spark and take away the years from your age. Colors play a pivotal role in your look. A tint of red,pink,blue- here and there adds the funk and the required mood. Add neon tones and see the effect for yourself.

-Fabrics : Georgettes and crepe easily create a fresh and young look .Thread count in cottons in summers can easily help you decide which variant to pick.

The bottom line is to not only look young but feel it too. A little change in your wardrobe can help you attain younger look without much upheaval. Right colors, prints, fabrics and style go a long way in creating a near permanent effect.

We are happy people and we prefer to stay that way.

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