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How to look thinner in jeans

Jeans is our staple when it comes to clothing. Some of us wear it almost every day or for sure every second day. With corporates moving to the informal culture, jeans are more than often seen at work places too. So if we know how to look thinner in jeans, won’t it be great ? Here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you look taller and slimmer in jeans. Have fun and stay stylish!

  1. Buy your size. Don’t buy a size smaller or bigger. A smaller size highlights the bulges from waist or hip line and a bigger size makes one look bigger in appearance.
  2. Don’t be slouchy. Wear fitted or nearly fitted clothes. This also helps in making one look presentable and neat.
  3. Wear as per your body type. Identify your body type and wear as per that. If you are heavy on top, then wear boot leg jeans and if you are heavy from bottom, then avoid skinny jeans. Go for straight fits or straight leg fits to appear thinner in such a case.
  4. Go monochrome. Go with similar color tones for an outfit. For example, match a navy blue jeans with a top which is from the same family of colors.
  5. Go high on heels. Heels accentuate the overall look and help in looking slimmer. The overall appearance becomes taller and the person looks slimmer.
  6. Shift the focus to the upper body. Wear a chunky piece of accessory to shift the focus to the upper body. You can opt for big necklaces or big hooplas.
  7. Wear a stole or a long scarf around the neck. This also helps in camouflaging the bulge and ensuring a neater appearance.
  8. Wear darker colors. Darker colors always help in looking thinner. Go for dark blues and blacks while picking your bottoms.

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