Want to look taller? Here’s how…

Who minds a great height. We all have the desire to look tall and prim. While the taller lot takes it easy, the rest of us find it an unreachable dream. Well we may not be able to change much about our stature, the right combination of clothes and accessories can help in appearing taller. Solid colors, vertical patterns and other garment detailing can create an illusion of height.

How to look taller? Let’s take a look.

Wear Vertical stripes: One of the oldest and the most doable trick. Wear vertical stripes to look taller. Stripes create an illusion of longer length. Also, this is one of the Spring’s biggest trends, so you have all the reasons to sport it. This is one of the basic tip on how to look taller for girls.

Wear Maxi skirts: Long skirts give a nice tall look. Adorn it with wedges and heels to create a taller look. Another useful tip is to tuck in the shirt. Wear sold colors with a tucked in shirt.

Avoid wearing knee or calf length skirts. Go either short or long ! If you are petite, the length of your skirt should be shorter than usual to give an illusion of longer legs.

Wear flared jeans. Avoid low waist jeans and ensure your jeans has flare at the bottom. Needless to say, tuck in your shirt.

Hair tricks: Wearing a high ponytail or a high bun add a few inches and you will instantly gain height. Avoid limp hair and wash your hair frequently for a fresh voluminous look.

No baggy clothing: Loose clothes make you look shorter and wider and you end up looking lost inside your clothes. Avoid loose and baggy clothing.

Wear matching tones or further up- wear a monochromatic look. Wearing one color or tones in the same range create one line for the observer’s eye. This creates an illusion of height.

These are some tips that can definitely help to solve the famous query of how to look taller for women. Simple plus and minus in the existing wardrobe can help in achieving a taller look. As for men, I am coming up with a post soon on “How to look taller for men“. Keep reading and stay stylish. And if you have any tip, surely add.



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