How to Curl Your Hair at Home

How to curl your hair at home
How to curl your hair at home

Curly hair has become a style statement for every lady. Irrespective of their age or the walk of life they belong to, women everywhere are in love with curls. Luckily, there are many products and styling aids that can aid them to turn their frizzy curls to extremely beautiful and wavy tresses. There have been many ways which show and describe how to curl your hair in a few simple steps with a good hair curler .

Many celebrity hair dressers have said that, Women love those soft curls when they fall off their shoulder and give them a blonde look. It actually leaves their hair very easy to style-up and it looks really stylish, carefree and elegant in look!

How to Curl Your Hair at Home

A basic plan of action is required to keep your frizzy hair under control and make them look their best. Here are some steps which can assist you in keeping your hair intact yet giving them a graceful shape!

  1. Shampoo your hair with the hair product (which you generally use)- lather and then rinse once. Though while shampooing, you can use your high-quality conditioner which will help to keep the shine of your hair intact.
  2. Consider a leave-in conditioner which can help your hair become smooth and silky in nature. Processing your hair into deep-conditioning will help you to do this task in even more easy and friendly way. After applying the deep conditioner cover a plastic bag around your head, wrap a towel and wait for the time span of thirty minutes before starting the rinsing process.
  3.  After shampooing and conditioning your hair in a perfect way, just pat dry your hair gently with a huge towel (so as to keep all hair in same shape) for drenching up the in-built moisture .
  4. Apply a gel which is designed to control frizz. The gel won’t let your hair to be dry, be it in any season.
  5. Dry your hair using a hair dryer and let them dry on the coolest side. See that you lift the hair at the roots upside down while you are on with the styling process. Keep your hair in little shape as you want them to be after curling to make them appear smoother.
  6. Apply a straightening cream product and blow-dry the hair with a round brush. Make partitions of equal length (or may be small and then big ones) and use a flat iron which will give you a glossy look. And we’re done with the tutorial of how to Curl Hair at Home .
Steps How to curl your hair at home
Steps How to curl your hair at home

Whenever you pay the next visit to your salon, ask your hair stylist to use scissors and keep the ends open to give a sharper look to your hair after using the hair curler. It may make your hair ends look dry. This is a very relaxed look especially for winter. It’s the time when a number of hair stylists try out an array of techniques with a huge box of tools showing how to curl your hair. Curly hair can suit almost all kinds of faces. If you’re searching for a new look, check some new styles for getting lovely curls as they can be a hot option for a special evening! We’ll also be covering on how to naturally curl your hair .

There are many other ways to curl your hair which can give you simpler yet a jazzy look whether you have to be on with a party, gala dinner or a sparkling night!  The crux is to feel-good and have a relaxed look with complete natural-flow to have healthy hair with movement.

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