How to be a confident sunshine girl

Confidence is like a drug. Sometimes it brings you down and sometimes it gets you so high. While life is a roller coaster and whether we like it or not, the road to confidence is jittery, meandering and never a straight scale. But all we gotta do is buckle up and walk ahead. Though there is no fixed formula to abundant confidence, here are 6 ways that can help you be the confident sunshine girl, if that term exists!

6 Ways to be a confident sunshine girl

  1. Have a good education : “Education is the greatest liberator.” Heard this from one of my lecturers while I was pursuing English Hons from Venky, Delhi university. It has stayed with me till date. Education gives you the wings to fly as high as you can. Education opens the door to another world. Education makes you meet different corners of the world. I met Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Chaucer, Wordsworth and many more authors and philosophers who shaped my thinking and made me a better and confident person. A well read person has a different colour. I believe so.
  2. Be financially independent : A financially independent woman has a different aura around her. In my opinion, a woman should be financially independent no matter who her father, brother or husband is. No matter who the man in your life is, you gotta be responsible for your finances. Earning your own bread and butter is a different high.
  3. Wear your opinion : More often than not we wear others opinions. We always want to fit in. I have done it for a long time and realised it didn’t serve the purpose. There is a freedom in wearing your own opinion. The by product is confidence. Try it and see if for yourself.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail : Failure is a beautiful concept. It means we tried something and just that it didn’t work out. We have been always told to avoid failure but what’s a life that hasn’t tasted failure. Failure is like a scar that only makes you look sexy. Own your failures and wear them like feathers in your cap.
  5. Take rejections with chin up : The fear of rejection makes us not start a lot of conversations and actions. Confidence is on the other side of rejection. Never take your rejections to your heart. Rejection is redirection, that’s it.
  6. Take responsibility for your actions : If you win, great. If you fumble, greater. It is you in any case, in any situation. Own up your failures in the same spirit you own up your success. Confidence multiplies when you admit to the screw ups. Just laugh on them sometime later.

Not that I don’t go in the loops of low confidence days but then I get back straight up. I always look back at how far I’ve come and what all I’ve achieved on the way. Friends help as well. This brings me to another vital point- friends can make the world go around. Have a circle of friends that can life your spirits in your darkest hours. Friend therapy always works.

Hope this helps and you work towards building your confidence and living the way you want. The journey of life is beautiful. It has pitfalls but you’re strong enough to get up and keep walking.

I’m you fellow partner. Hop in. I’ll drive your to the rainbow. Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter to stay in touch. There is a lot to achieve and miles to go before we sleep.


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