Long Live the Battery, Long Live Honor Holly 2 Plus

huawei honor holly 2 plus review

Battery Discharge is a major problem. The nights go in chatting and before you realise to put the phone on charging, you are transported to your dream land. With a little surviving charge in the morning and then throwing the charger into your bag, you somehow manage through the day but only to repeat the process the next day. So while I was looking for a solution, Honor Holly 2 Plus caught my fancy. This new smartphone has a 4000mAh battery that not only provides a longer battery life but is quick on charge. You can get about 3 hours of talktime in 10 minutes of charge. Yes, you read it right!

Holly 2 Plus is the latest offering by Honor, an e brand of Huwaei. The phone was launched in January and went on sale last month. This is by far one of the better phones in the category.


Honor Holly 2 plus pictures

holly 2 plus amazonholly 2 plus review

Honor Holly 2 Plus- A User Delight


Let’s take a quick look at the phone to help you makeup your mind. Ofcourse, battery life is the USP and the icing on the cake.

With a 5″ HD display, the phone renders brighter colors to your images. Vibrant images and defined videos are the end results. The phone has a 13 MP main camera and 5 MP front camera that capture ultra fast snapshots. The smartphone has plenty of shooting modes for capturing pictures under any lighting condition. The metallic look and feel with 6.5 mm thickness adds to the design of the phone. It has 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory that can expand upto 128GB with a microSD card. The phone delivers fast and responsive performance.

4000mAh battery provides a longer battery life. The quick charge feature provides a shorter charging time. 

The phone has 2 SIM slots that are compatible with 4G and CDMA, which makes it convenient for both the categories of users. The presence of the integrated speaker and sound hole increases the volume by about 150% to enhance the audio and movie experience. The Dual-mic Noise Cancellation technology eases the communication in a noisy environment.

The phone comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries.

honor holly 2 plus
Honor Holly 2 Plus

huawei honor holly 2 plus review
Endless night chatting without the charging tension.



Honor Holly 2 Plus- Long Living Battery


Go the extra mile with the battery that saves power while in use. The quick charge feature gives a 3 hour talktime with just 10 minutes of charge. SmartPower 3.0 saves energy by over 30% and lets you go the extra distance. You can use the battery as a powerbank to charge another device. The “Standy Intelligent Power Saving” saves your battery and lets you go easily through the day even on high usage.

Honor Holly 2 Plus is like your best friend indeed. Thanks to the longer battery life, it will not disappoint you.


Honor Holly 2 Plus Price: Rs 8499/-

Honor Holly 2 Plus Availability: Available online exclusively at Amazon and Flipkart.

You can buy the phone at Amazon here.

Huawei Honor has 130+ Service Centres spread across major cities in India.


The Honor Holly 2 plus is a budget smartphone at an affordable price. It has all the required features for a hectic and social lifestyle and the longer battery life eases the charging pressures and lets you do more with the phone. And it makes for a good gifting option.

P.S: Experiences with a phone differ from person to person. This is my experience. I only wish it had a better look from the back. But the cost point and the availability of almost all the features help in overlooking it. If you have a cousin who is always hassled on battery life, this makes a good gift.

Phone pictures by Amazon.in.

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