Honor focuses on design with the refreshingly cool Honor 8

honor 8 review
The Saphire Blue colour is one of the strongest reasons to buy!

It’s been ten days since Honor 8’s launch and I get a dozen compliment everyday on the phone’s built and colour. This beauty is like a soul sister, attractive and trustworthy! The colour, the metallic body and the camera quality, what’s not to love? Here is full Honor 8 review to help you make your pick. Today’s post is specifically about the design and the beauty of the phone. Here you go….


honor 8 review
The Saphire Blue colour is one of the strongest reasons to buy!


honor 8 camera review
Honor 8: One accessory you can’t leave home without….


honor 8 design review
Neighbours envy, owners pride 🙂

Honor 8: Simple, attractive and very solid. Honor 8 is just beauty of a phone.

The phone has an attractive metal body with a glass front and back. The curved metal sides provide a sturdy grip and the phone feels solid to hold. The back reflects the lights at different angles and the Saphire blue version stands particularly pretty in sunlight. You would not want to put it in a protective case.

The sheer colour & body of the phone is a reason to buy.

The phone is 7.5 mm thick and the slim body is just like you or probably the one you would want to be. The 5.2 inch screen with highly saturated colours has good viewing angles.


honor 8 review
Curved angles like a butter effect.


honor 8 review
Slim, attractive, what’s not to love?


honor 8 review
The phone stands like a beauty in your hand.


honor 8 review
I’m bringing sexy back!


The phone supports dual sims and one of the trays can accommodate a micro SD card instead of a SIM. The battery life is good and would stretch upto a full day. The finger print scanner adds layers of security to the phone and doubles up as a shortcut key to take you to your favourite app.

The phone has the same twin 12 megapixel camera set up like Huawei P9 and the performance is quite similar too. The two cameras at the back (one colour and one monochrome) work in tandem to capture better low- light pictures. The 8 MP front camera gets you admiring selfies. Overall, the production of images is flattering.

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Final Word: Honor 8 balances a premium look and feel in a mid-range price. Battery life is good and the phone’s internal storage + microSD card slot makes for plenty of space for apps, music and photos. The dual camera setup produces heart warming shots. The phone is 2/3rd the price of top end phones and makes for a great buy.

Honor 8 is beautiful, powerful and very intriguing.

You can buy the phone from Amazon here.

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