Honor 8 Camera Review: Phone for candid photo-shoots

What better way to know a camera than by taking it to the streets. We took Honor 8 for a getaway to the city of Delhi and Goa and captured what we do best- emotions & ‘life as it happens’. The phone became our best man and gave us some of the most sorted clicks. With little editing, the bright and candid shots became upload ready and gave us a social media high. Check out the Honor 8 Camera Review below and make up your mind to grab the ‘phone of the season.’


Honor 8 Camera Review

Honor 8 has a 12 MP dual lens camera that comprises of a RGB and a monochrome lens at the back. Both the lenses capture more light and result in delivering stunning details. The picture quality and vivid colours in the photographs bring alive the backgound and the foreground. The 8 MP front camera does its job by giving flawless selfies that can be further corrected by using filters. The front camera works well in low light aswell.

Have a look at the pictures below and find more about the camera quality.


honor 8 camera review
The camera handles dynamic light and brings out variations between the background and the foreground with much ease and expertness.


honor 8 camera review
The performance of the phone in good light is fantastic. Honor 8 captures all the details and colours and brings out apt contrasts in a picture.


honor 8 camera review
For clicking the full portrait, the phone fell a little short in low light. In a good light, this would have been the highlight shot.


honor 8 review
Just get together and click. The phone will make happy memories.


honor 8 pictures
This makes for a great shot from a smartphone.


honor 8 camera review
Great colours and tons of filters can make all the difference.


Final word:

Honor 8 gets our thumbs up for the camera quality. We are out with the phone on the streets to get you the best of fashion that Delhi has to offer. Keep tuned!

You can buy the phone online from Amazon.in here.

Do check out the full Honor 8 review here.

P.S: Thankyou Sumit Dayal for the pictures. When an ace photographer and an ace phone combines, this is what you get!

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