Honor 7X: The Perfect Multitasking Phone

Honor 7X battery life
Watch, Read, Click, and a lot more, redefine multitasking with Honor 7X.

Be it your personal or professional life, multitasking is the need of the hour. How wonderful will it be if I tell you that with the all new Honor 7X you can multitask like a pro! Click pictures, upload them, listen to music, read an article online, book movie tickets, keep a tab of your daily activity, and a lot more….all done with this smartphone.

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Honor 7X – My perfect blogging partner…

Monotony in job is something that we all are aware of. But I am grateful that my job gives me the freedom to be creative and explore new avenues. Be it meeting new people, trying out new products for you all, or just weaving stories, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes when you’re a full time blogger.

Multitasking like a pro

Honor 7X is powered by an octal-core Kirin 659 processor at 2.36GHz and is equipped with 4GB RAM and EMUI5.1. This ensures superb performance when multi-tasking and gaming, and meets the needs of the most demanding apps.

Honor 7X review
For those who’re always on the go, Honor 7X is a great choice.

When talking about multitasking of Honor 7X, a special mention to One-key Screen Split function is a must. From email and WhatsApp to Netflix and YouTube, multi-tasking has never been faster and easier.

Social media allows me to engage with my audience and what better way than beautiful pictures. Apart from my blog, I click and upload pictures on various social media platforms. There was a time when we all used to rely on the traditional DSLRs, but with the advent of technology our smartphones have replaced cameras.

Honor 7X camera review
When a phone looks this stunning, who needs another arm candy.

Thanks to my Honor 7X, I can click stunning pictures and upload them in a jiffy. And the best part is the huge memory space. A microSD card of up to 256 GB can be used to increase data storage, so now you’ll never run out of space for pictures, downloads, and videos. Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring and deleting photos and videos. With Honor 7X keep clicking, keep uploading.

Read the complete camera review of Honor 7X in this detailed post.

Long Battery Life 

That irksome feeling when you’re in the middle of replying to an important mail or watching an episode from your favorite series, and the battery dies. With the long battery life of Honor 7X you get the freedom to multitask and enjoy entertainment on the go.

Honor 7X battery life
Watch, Read, Click, and a lot more, redefine multitasking with Honor 7X.

A single charge of the 3,340 mAh battery enables Honor 7X to be on the go for more than one full day. The phone is equipped with power saving technology and using the Ultra Power Saving Mode, users can now enjoy a full season of their favorite TV series or 91 hours of music, on one charge. (This also depends on individual usage and network connection.)

The other day while going for an event, I was stuck in traffic (usual Delhi thing) and that’s when Honor 7X was put to the real test. While listening to my favorite 90s playlist, I browsed through my favorite entertainment magazine online, booked movie tickets for the next day, uploaded my 2018 Reading Goals on Goodreads, shopped for some home stuff online, and not to forget, clicked some selfies as well. Even after all this, the battery didn’t discharge and I was able to cover the event from my phone and upload live updates. Now that’s what I call efficiency.

Honor 7X performance
Messy bun and getting things done mode with Honor 7X.

I’ve been using Honor 7X for about 2 months now and can say that it is indeed a great buy. If you’re looking for a phone that is packed with latest features and is also value for money, do check Honor 7X.


  • Rs 12999/- for 32GB version
  • Rs 15999/- for 64GB version

Honor 7X is exclusively available on Amazon.

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