Dazzle Your Day with Honor 5X

honor 5x review
The No Nonsense Phone is Here.

So, while I walked through the Honor 5X launch, something trapped my eye. I belong to the Gaurav Kapoor generation and incidentally he was the host for the day. But more than him, it was the phone that he carried in his hand that caught my fancy. And then I realised that just like him, I don’t need to shy away from standing out in the crowd. The impressive design and alluring looks of the new Honor 5X adds on to your charm and is a total eye candy.

Featuring the Finger Print Sensor, Honor 5X qualifies on both the important fronts- looks and features. 

honor 5x review
The No Nonsense Phone is Here.
honor 5x review
Remarkable Craftsmanship


The new smartphone from the ‘Honor Brave Family’ has a stunning design, big display and a finger print sensor- the talk of the town. The phone has been launched at a very affordable price of Rs 12,999! The phone is available for order on Amazon & Flipkart, online exclusive partners.

You can Order here for Honor 5X at Amazon.

Now let’s come to the most important factor that only girls can understand. Our phones are more than phones. Our phones are like our best friends, better halves, call them whatever you want. Our boyfriends/husbands may not multi-function but our phones certainly do. And these phones definitely compliment our outfits, needless to say. So when I laid my hands on the new Honor 5X in color Gold, I knew my reasons straight from the heart.

  • Indian women have a quintessential love for gold. Be it the jewellery or the wedding lehanga or the disco dress, our baubles are always in gold.
  • The neutral gold matches with all the outfits. It’s such a versatile color that it seamlessly gets into the ‘mix & match’ mode everytime.
  • It matches our eye shadows too which are shades of gold most of the times.
  • Just leave your hand bare, the phone is your statement piece of jewellery.
  • It matches the Indian skin tone too. Just kidding!


honor 5x review
Honor 5X. Wear it with anything.

Double the style and add some drama to your outfit with Honor 5X.

The phone is an ace on looks and the working. It’s not like a dumb boyfriend who is only good looking. It’s more like that handsome husband who cares too. The Finger Print sensor adds to the security and lets you open your phone in a split second. The processor is fast which means easy and fast sending of emails work related or for fun. The social media uploads are quicker and the camera has a superb picture quality and filter modes.

This phone has everything that will suit your style.

Last word: Honor 5X is a very stylish phone under Rs 15,000/-. The phone has 2 slots for nano aswell as micro sim. Just insert your sim, do the finger tapping to activate the Finger Print Sensor and get going. With all the features for everyday use, the phone is affordable and reflects style. The vibrant looks will match your lifestyle and the tremendous speed along with superior performance will leave you enthralled. All this makes it the ultimate lifestyle phone for the youth.

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