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It’s raining hauls. I’m on a roll. This is my third haul in a week and I’m loving it. I have picked up 4 pieces on a go from one of my favourite online apparel stores : Sbuys.in. The website has a very chic collection of tops, bottoms and dresses. All the clothes have a very uber up-style feel to them. The cuts, patterns, prints and silhouettes, all have a very English feel, well that’s the fun for me. After storing alot during summers, here, it’s time for some winter shopping.

sbuys.in’s New Fall’14 collection is out. There is a whole new range of dresses, long skirts and sweatshirts that are nicely divided into separate collection of shades, Lace, Reds, blacks and greys, Florals, Prints, Shimmer and Cover ups. Before I get to my haul, here are quick 5 reasons to shop from sbuys time and again.

Sbuys.in Website Review:

  1. Total women store. Clothes only for women and some for children.
  2. Affordable style.
  3. Quick delivery.
  4. Very Parisian feel to the clothes. The colors, prints, patterns, silhouettes are living examples of everything I say.
  5. Nice packaging. Every-time I open my courier, I eye for the packaging in glaze white & Black.

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My Haul :

1. Light pink Sweatshirt.

The extra fabric at the hem gives a layered effect and adds another dimension to the sweatshirt.

Raglan sleeves with nylon fabric insert on hem. Perfect for welcoming winters. Wear it over jeans or skirts or comfy pants.

2. Ochre Full sleeve high neck tee in cotton.

Look at the color. So suave.

The color was a must have at first sight. I am thinking of various combinations already to pair with. Hmm how about a dark blue cover up with denims?

3. Knit Shift dress in Black.

Wool finish for a cozy snuggle. Very chic.

Didn’t I say the clothes have a European feel to them? This fitted panel dress with faux leather godet gives a very chic look. The black zipper at the back ensures a very structured fit. Black stocking and high boots would be a killer combination. Also, check out some amazing dresses in reds and greys, embellished and florals from the site.

4. Chambray Slouchy pants.

Very Slouchy. Very Stylish.

Some pieces are good to look at and even better when they reach your hand. This piece is just that! With zipper at side bottoms, these rayon pants are good to go in both summers and winters. A polo high neck or a turtle neck with loafers is my idea of a perfect afternoon coffee.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my haul as much as I did. Do check out the cover ups. I have 4 from the brand. Here’s signing off and wishing you all a very happy and stylish winters.

P.S: Outfit post to follow soon with some of these so chic clothes.

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