Handbag Essentials

A woman’s bag is a Pandora’s Box. You can dig in as many times and come out with one thing after another. The item list is inexhaustible and the handbag capacity –‘never full’ ! Sometimes, my own bag makes me wonder the infinite possibilities of carrying innumerable stuff around. We can’t carry 2 kg weight in our grocery bags but easily carry 3-4 kgs in our handbags everyday.Handbag Essentials

Here is a list of Handbag essentials that we have complied for the good of womanhood. We are women and everything is essential from our sensuality to the fullness of our hand bag. Let’s jot them down …

  • Facewash: A must have saviour for those hot and humid days. It’s an anytime freshness mantra. Also helps for an impromptu party in the evening.
  • Sanitizer: With an easy option of a light bottle, sanitizers are available in all shapes and sizes. Anytime replacement for a soap and too useful for general hygiene.
  • Body Lotion: A small bottle of body lotion for an instant dry skin remedy.
  • Sunglasses : Well,the look has to be right. Protection at hand from sun and sand.
  • Wet wipes: A single swipe with a wipe ensures freshness for a long time. Anytime and anywhere friend.
  • Compact Powder: Instant glow and clean sheen mantra. Takes away the sweat and the grime and the blues…
  • Pins, clips: Worried about a dress faux pas – don’t be. Pins and clips are for immediate help.
  • Basic medicines: Stomach ache in girls- very common, add to this the basic fever and allergy pills for sudden requirements.
  • Sanitary pads: It’s self-explanatory.
  • Perfume: We girls always smell good. An add on perfume to add a better flavour in times of need.
  • Lip Balm: Chapped lips, no no ! A must have for those bright shine on lips.
  • A pen and a notepad: A must have in times of hurried writing/jotting stuff.
  • A good book: A friend for help in delays, time pass and for general reading.

Stock yourself with these Handbag essentials, and you’ll be prepared for almost every expected and unexpected surprise.


  1. […] P.S: Add moisturising to your daily routine. In the morning post shower and at night before retreating to bed. Pick a body lotion as per your skin type and needs. Heat, pollution, smoke, AC further dries the skin. Have a small handy bottle of body lotion always in your bag or at your desk at work. It’s a definite part of Handbag Essentials. […]


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