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How do you spend a day worthwhile? By doing as planned, by catching up with friends and family, by accomplishing tasks as desired or by doing one thing you have been planning for long. And in-between all these, if you can pick one awesome piece of outfit out of the blue and at an awesome price, it makes the day very countable. With extensive heat and work pressures, I thought of bringing 5 gorgeous outfits on a budget to buy from the comfort of your home. All these outfits are picked from Snapdeal, my budget love at the moment. You can visit here for any or all of these dresses.

Here we go…

  1. Femella Black & White Polyester Printed Dress. Available for Rs 790/- . I have pants in the same pattern and they are fab too. Wear it for an afternoon or evening go to and feel light and breezy in it. At 790/- this is a steal. The haphazard print adds a character to the dress and it surely looks different when worn.
  2. Avirate White-Black Beads Work Dress. MRP Rs 2600, Sale Price Rs 899/-. Shop it today before it stocks out. A smart work wear, too good for a business presentation. Pair it with a high heel or even a flat black pump or sandal. Do your hair in a high pony or a smart bun and see the fun. A watch will match and do a perfect accessory.Fashion blog
  3. NUN Blue Polyester Dress. MRP Rs 1495, Sale Price Rs 946. Very desi print, very stylish. I have mostly seen such Block prints on kurtas. But it looks stunning on this dress. The silhouette and the pattern give an extra edge to the dress. The tasseled up sleeve edge adds another dimension to the dress. Walk out in evening for a dinner or a friend meet up in this blue dress.Fashion blog
  4. The Vanca Blue Poly Georgette Dress. MRP Rs 1099, Sale Price Rs 868/-. Too cute to handle. All I can say is smile while wearing it. It will take your summer blues away. You don’t need any accessory with it. Just cute sandals will do. The frills on the dress do it all.
  5. NUN Gray Cotton Dress. MRP 1195/-, Sale Price 596. Please run to the nearby beach in this dress or call your friends home to wear it. This has to be shown around. And for the price it is, it’s a super stealer.

Hope you all have loved these dresses too. Summer is all about wearing light weight clothes that let you breathe and feel alive. And when you can get the best of clothes and deals sitting at the indoor comfort, it just makes the heart go hmm hmm hmm….

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