Gold shoes to gold bangle!

Hey there

I met my friend for an evening cup of coffee and that’s when the clicking started. Today, I have a confession for an obsession- the love for Gold. We Indians love the yellow metal and anything that has the same shade. Gold is everywhere- from our hands to our facial options to our gold shoes. Even the cars sell the most in the shade of gold 🙂 My look here is driven by gold and the shades.

This is a lazy afternoon and the winter sun is blazing gold too. The fun of having coffee along with conversations drives any girl crazy. There are endless topics and endless opinions and if the other friend is on a diet, the topic totally takes the mainstream on every meeting. I still can’t make out the art of starving to the extent of going cranky. Food & coffee is what I live for!

The gold shoes totally take the highlight and are perfect for afternoons, evenings and nights. Just wear them and get going!

Outfit :

Lace Sweater in rust gold: Handmade by Work+shelter . Available at Let’s expresso for sale.

Jeans: Levi’s

Bangle: In gold, vintage

Gold shoes: Kala Niketan, Janpath

I was looking for a pair of shoes in gold since a long time and when I saw these, they were billed in 5 minutes flat. The adrenaline push of finding that shade one has been looking around zips out totally. The lace sweater is perfect for a light cool weather and can be worn during summers aswell for evening outs. It is super comfortable and can be teamed with everything. I have worn it with jeans, you can team it up with a skirt in denim or cotton. The only accessory I am wearing is my gold bangle which is a permanent fixture. My other accessories team up and down with the bangle.

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