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If there is one thing I am particular about, is my nightwear. How we girls love our Nightwear! I mean after a long hectic day, who would not want to retire into the bed in a relaxed wear that not only provides all the comfort but a good night sleep too. While a T-shirt and a pyjama is the quintessential night wear, a paired one adds further fun and definitely a story to it. So while I was sleeping like a cat, Enamor sent me their latest Glow in the dark loungewear and it’s been two days of loving every bit of the Glow in the dark print.

Here are Five reasons to pick one for yourself:

  1. The print: The first and the foremost reason is obviously the print. It’s different, Period! The leafy pattern and the fluorescent colors add enough drama to the night time. You feel good to see yourself in this print.
  2. Perfect for vacations: We search for the most sought after night suit while packing for a vacation. So whether you are off for someone’s wedding or to a relative’s house or a trip, this loungewear will definitely set you apart.
  3. Relaxed yet tailored fit: Totally relaxed and nicely fitting to your body. The fabric is comfortable cotton which is easy to maintain and sleep in.
  4. Stylish & Comfortable: The night suit is tailored carefully for maximum movement and fits the comfort needs perfectly.
  5. For You & ME: The Enamor love continues for all women. It really doesn’t matter if you are a working woman or a teenager, this outfit suits all of us.
    That’s Me in the Loungewear today, enjoying my hot cup of tea in the rains. Look how my cup and the slippers match it all 🙂

    Color option: White/Fresh Salmon

Priced at Rs 1495/-, the loungewear by Enamor is available online too. I wear a size M and it’s very comfortable. Available in 2 colors- black and white/Fresh Salmon, stay fabulous while you sleep.

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