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Circa  1991 —- The year India adopted to globalisation, liberalisation, privatisation and those born then & thereafter did not smell of rebellion, struggle or striving culture of born between 1947 to 1990  —- the socialism thinking AAM ADMI. The 1991 born imbibed the culture of consumerism—  the BRANDS , from hair shampoos to eye mascara, the face washes, the GUCCI  dresses, the Louis Vuitton bags, the Jimmy choo shoes, the Armadani jewellery, the Apple phones, the Tissot  watches, the Chelsea clocks, the Diesel jeans, the Armani suits, the Elizabeth Arden perfumes  etc. The land of snake charmers, Deity worshipping, agriculture, slavery awakens to the culture of consumerism—-the AMERICAS of pre Second World War era. THE era of BRANDS started in 1930s in The Americas– the decade of youth driven change, extravagance, speed, extrapolation of thoughts enters India through the 1991 born consumers & penetrates through the decision makers of today the YOUTH BRIGADE which helps to decide purchase of chewing gums to cars.

The Americas of then (1930s) just as the present day Young INDIANS was grappling with the new consumer economy. People from rural places were migrating to big cities. Armed with the confidence to make money, accept the change, as were the young women of the day aggressively entering the white colored work force & breaking out of the society’s taboo, the young brigade weas against the thought process of the older Generation. The young & the restless were thriving on the new machine age mass production cycle & the older generation was pushed back. In 1930s America, the beauty make up trend gave new direction to women as they started to work outside their homes. They replaced the home look to respectable earning women look, drinking, smoking. It was this time when the eyebrows were thinned, hair was cropped to shingles or the trendy bob cut was in vogue, similar to the present trend.

Come to the present day INDIA, each & every action by the GEN Y is synonymous to the style of 1930s Americas. Money which was out of reach for the middle class is in abundance through bank loans. Those who could not afford things are brought into the fiscal schemes of EMIs. Mass making technology of 1930s is comparable with the IT revolution of the 1990s. Golden era of radios has replaced the mobile revolution, crowds have entered the multiplexes as the people entered in 1930 to theatres as the silent zone was replaced with soundtracks in 1930s. The hair dos & make up are similar to 1930s today, shorter hemlines & high heels are in as much as they were in 1930s. Ornaments & tassels have occupied space on garments also on the same wavelength. The public focus also has shifted from costly jewellery to better appearance with sober & gaudy color looks classy yet simple. The monotony of 1930s is just the emotional engaging of retro roaring of a hurrying up a child (1991 born Indian) into a well matured experienced consumer of brands like The Americas (of 1930 till date).

Americas took more than quarter of century to involve to consumer culture & get addicted to Brands, whereas India took a decade after liberalisation to evolve, revolve, involve & get absolved around the brands.

Image source: Designer Abdul Halder

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