Get High on Fashion with the Latest in Nude Pumps!

Tips to buy nude pumps

Nude is the color of your skin and nude pumps are an idea whose time has come. All celebrities are wearing them and they are being led by the First Lady Michelle Obama herself. Any color that matches your skin is nude. The Duchess of Cambridge Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton loves them and has been seen wearing nude pumps at various occasions.

Tips to buy Nude Pumps :


Nude is a hot color

You know something is happening to this new celebrity color when Rihanna arrives at the opening of her new fragrance wearing pointed Christian Louboutin nude pumps. Nude is the new purple because royalty is wearing it. It does not matter if the Royalty is in real life, in reel life or the music world, everyone is wearing it.

Nude makes you tall

The basic reason for the popularity of nude pumps is that they make you look tall and elegant. The skin color from a distance makes the shoe disappear and your high heeled invisible foot makes you look that much taller. This is the secret behind the sudden interest in this color.

Choose your nude color wisely

The color nude has a wide spectrum from almost white to dark brown. The color of your skin dictates the shade that will suit you. Everyone has a different skin tone. This is where the illusion of tallness is created. If you choose your color wisely it will give that right visual impression of added height to your posture. Take time while deciding the color of your nude pumps. Take a friend along to help you decide on the perfect match.

Nude is timeless and eternal

Your shoes in nude colors will serve you a lifetime. This is a fashion which never fades. It is a recurring theme in haute couture.

Keep it simple

You will only get the right effect with your shoes if you keep the design simple. A complicated shoe with tassels or perhaps bells will destroy the illusion of height that you are trying to create. The shoe from a distance should look like a part of your body and not stand out.

The secret lies in the heels

Flat nude pumps do not really give any positive effect to your style statement. The size of your heel depends entirely on your own comfort level. Perhaps you are cool with five inches of heel then do not hesitate and go for those tall shoes. Maybe you prefer the kitten heel in your daily wear. Do not be bothered by all that hoopla and go with your comfort zone. Buy what you like best and feel comfortable in.

One problem you are going to face is in making up your mind. These skin coloured pumps are such a rage that all big and small designers are making them. The price range varies from a simple 30 dollars to an enormous 800 dollars. The answer to that one basically lies in your wallet. Be wise and do not go overboard. Remember your budget and select a comfortable shoe. You should buy a shoe that you can wear at least three times in a week. Shoes which are not worn regularly lose their shape and become hard to wear.

Shoes in a nude color are an essential accessory for the woman of fashion. At least one pair is required to accompany the blacks and whites that you already have. When you go to buy your nude shoes do not forget that you are looking for a color which matches your skin tone; do not be tempted by all the other colors available.  Remember your choice is a reflection of your creativity and panache. Give your self confidence a big boost by buying a good pair of nude shoes…and Let’s Express’o ourselves !


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