Gaga over Prada! shoe trends for women 2013 Must haves!

Shoe Trends for Women 2013

Cinderella was not the only one who fell in love with her gorgeous glass shoes. Women love their shoes. Here i am telling you about Shoe Trends for Women 2013.  They might have a Narnia closet stuffed with dresses and scarves, but a good chunk of that closet is occupied by shoes and boots. Trust me, I would know. I have never been much of a shoe fan, but I literally grew up around one, my mom. When shopping with my mom, I cannot walk past a shoe store without her dragging me into the store and trying on every shoe that would fit her size.

Women’s strange fascination towards shoes is in stark contrast to that of men’s. This is not to say that men don’t care or pay attention to their shoes; sure, they do. But do they have a shoe closet which is almost bursting with heels, flats, boots and wedges, all categorically arranged? Neither do men buy shirts according to what would go better with their new pair of shoes. Men truly are from Mars while women from Venus.

This coming spring summer 2013 some shoes are an absolute must. The best thing about shoes is that the right pair can make even the drabbest of the outfit look good. Some of the must-have pairs of shoe trends for women 2013 are:

1.      Ballet Flats:2013 shoe trends for women

If you think ballet flats are boring then you must lead a sad life. Ballet flats are playful, flamboyant AND comfortable. After a long and tiring day of 4 inch heels, you can let your feet breathe in this. They look super chic in vibrant colors and look great with both jeans and dresses. its new shoe trends for women 2013.

2.      Pumps- Nude and Black:2013 shoe trend
Nude pumps look extremely elegant when paired with an equally beautiful dress. They look good with almost any colored dress. Try to buy a shade of the shoe that best matches your complexion.

Black pumps are hot and versatile. You can rock them in your knee length office dress and also in your mid-thigh lace dress. They will sail you through a board meeting to a dinner part to a club, without any problem.

3.      Flats:2013 shoe trends for women

Flats look amazing with jeans, shorts and even dresses. They come in bright colors and catchy patterns. A bright and beautifully designed pair of flats can make a simple white tee paired with denim shorts look great. 2013 footwear trends are all about flat sandals in floral and neon colors new shoe trends for women 2013.

4.      Ankle Boots:2013 shoe trends

Ankle boots are hot. Lace up ankle boots look very hot with skinny jeans or tights. They even look good with skirts and stockings. Lace up ankle boots are extremely trendy and look great when worn with a graphic tee and some nice leggings shoe trends for women 2013.

5.      Sneakers:2013 shoe trends for women

Do you really need me to tell you that? Sneakers are comfortable, sporty and cool. And did I mention how comfortable they are? The days when you practically are running all over the place, or are going trekking with your boyfriend, a pair of sneakers would be a smart choice. They come in a number of hues and you can pick your choice. They are cool and look very chic.. shoe trends for women 2013.

If your love for shoes is as great as that of my mom’s, then am sure you must already own multiple pairs of the above mentioned list. If you don’t care all that much about shoes, then you should at least have a pair of the list. They would cover almost every occasion and will also go with most outfits.

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