Ft. eShakti & fourseven for the working women

FourSeven review
Hold My Charms Square Choker in Dark Chocolate Velvet.

The four’o clock hair ritual extended by 2 hours because the conversations didn’t end. I had an amazing day yesterday, thanks to Beauty Source for pampering my hair with their new Sans (Ceuticals) Balancing shampoo. The other two reasons for the amazing day were eShakti and fourseven. Let’s go one by one for each of them.

tanya virmani
Ft. eShakti & fourseven
eShakti review
eShakti, One design, many styles!


eShakti is a brand from the USA that makes custom-made clothes as per customer’s size, style and height. And the brand comes to our land now. This online portal has pre set options for women clothing and lets you alter neckline, sleeve and length of the dress and get you a bespoke piece at the end. Chose from their tops, skirts, dresses and pants and make your own unique piece.

So many times we have wondered. ‘I wish this dress had longer sleeves”, or, “I wish the length of the dress was a little shorter”. Now, you can get your piece with all your wishes coming true. How? 3 steps and you’re totally done!

1. Choose from their dresses, tops and pants from the eShakti collection. Pick your preferred design.

2. Tell them your measurements or choose from the standard sizes. I chose the standard size and altered the length of the dress.

3. Customise your design or order as it is. You can alter the neckline, sleeves and hemline.

tanya virmani
Your style, Your size, Your choice!
tanya virmani
Liberation from the size tag.
eShakti India review
Choose sleeve, length, neck line to suit you.
eShakti dress review
Custom made tailoring.
eShakti India review
Custom made dress length. Go longer or go shorter…
eShakti.com review
High street Fashion to your size & style.

Order your piece and get it within 7-10 days. Any problem, just let them know and they’ll fix it. Simple, uncomplicated and as per your choice. Get liberated from the size tag. Here you go with their website to get your bespoke piece.

Now let’s come to fourseven, the Charms heaven.


fourseven houses contemporary jewellery which is hand crafted in sterling silver, gold plating, semi- precious stones and few other materials. The brand celebrates beauty, strength and confidence of every individual. The jewellery is dainty, delicate and so full of individuality. If you’re a tea lover, you would definitely pick their kettle charm. If you believe in fairies, then their angel wing charm is for you. They have a collection to woo.

FourSeven review
Look edgy, elegant: all at the same time.
FourSeven review
Wearing fourseven Hold My Charms Square Choker in Dark Chocolate Velvet.
FourSeven Charms review
Simplicity Chain Anklet.
FourSeven jewellery review
The kettle and the angel wing charm.
FourSeven review
The fourseven Turquoise Bead Bracelet.

Pick from their anklets, bracelets, earrings, charms, rings and accessories. How about heading to their site and picking a piece(s) right now? Click here and enter the fourseven world.

P.S: The products available at the website are charms and charm holders. I have worn the charms with my anklet. The same can be worn with the choker or the turquoise bead bracelet. I can play around to create my unique looks. Such fun!

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