5 Colourful Footwear Fashion Trends for Men

types of footwear for men
Colorful Loafers- Huge trend with men. Image by syndicate.details.com

A man is known by the shoes he wears. He may swank you top to toe but if his shoes aren’t right, nothing is! Men Stylish shoes have been the fad to reckon since long. An outfit can be stripped either ways by the shoes and their colours. Men can make strong statements by injecting a dose of colour to their footwear. Brands are looking past the historical black and brown and providing more adventurous and colorful footwear options. So this season, walk and talk in style with these Colourful Footwear Fashion trends .

  1. Colorful Loafers. Loafers are doing the rounds like wild fire. An all-season shoe, wear it under your jeans, bermuda shorts or cotton pants. The flat heel makes it a comfortable shoe from noon to mid-night. The Blue and Yellow loafers are a must have this year. Tan and shades of browns are great for Friday dressing. Laofers have re-defined the men’s footwear category.
    types of footwear for men
    Colorful Loafers- Huge trend with men. Image by syndicate.details.com
  2. Colorful Brogues. A low heeled shoe, Brogues are great for business as well as casual meetings. A suede brogue in royal blue or a combination of 2 colors makes a style statement like no other. The detailed crafting of the shoe makes it an interesting men’s footwear. Decorative perforations and multi-piece construction characterises a Brogue shoe.
    footwear trends for men
    Check out the perforations and the multi-piece construction. Pic: Etsy.com
  3. The All-Favourite formal shoe. Attend work, weddings, achievements, dinners, promotions in your favourite formal shoe. But here is the twist. Add some colour and life to your black and brown shoe. Knot colorful laces, have a colored sole or add a bold shade of color at the edges to break the monotony. Choose formal footwear online to have the advantage of browsing through numerous options. You can select the brand and visit the store if need be.
    types of men footwear
    Add a colorful lace or color to the shoe edge or to the soul. Image: Hush Puppies
  4. Vibrant Moccasins. Both Loafers and Moccasins are almost the same with slight difference in the cut. They are both slip on shoes and current runway favourites. A moccasin can be worn at both formal and casual occasion depending upon the fabric and the color of the shoe. Colorful ones in causal fabrics can be worn at after work parties, Friday dressing and lunch get-togethers while the dressier ones qualify for the business meetings.
    types of footwear for men
    A Moccasin shoe. Image by syndicate.details.com
  5. Casual Sneakers. Casual sneakers or casual street sneakers are your full day strength. Run to the grocery and meet your pal in-between, the shoe is an all-purpose utility. Casual walking, full day at the mall or even a small hiking tour followed by dinner, the shoe will take you everywhere. Pick your style, pick your color, pick your print, there is abundance of brands to choose from. Casual sneakers for men are available at almost all the leading footwear brands. Online footwear shopping has made it further easy to browse through a range of causal sneakers for men. Also, have a look at What to wear at work .
    types of shoes for men
    Image: Puma

    These are the most famous Types of Footwear for men. Unlike women, Men are happy with their limited but well sorted stock of shoes. Have a pair each of these shoes and you are good to go for any occasion be it formal, fun or casual. Don’t forget to checkout Wine & Shoe (shine)- Best Birthday gift for wife .

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