Finger Print Sensor: My Favourite Honor 5X Feature

honor 5x camera quality
Look at the clarity on colors.

Well your new phone has to have something different. It has to have that one feature that distinguishes it apart from the phones that your friends are carrying. It has to have that one feature that you can show around, perhaps ‘show off’ around. My Honor 5X has that feature- Finger Print Sensor that not only is quite chic, gives me total security and totally personalises my phone. My phone just listens to me.


Finger Print Sensor: My Personal Favourite Honor 5X Feature


Honor 5X has a Rim-free touch fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone. It unlocks the phone in 0.5 second. It takes your finger print scan from five different angles and lets you easily unlock your phone in a jiffy. There is a number lock too incase of an emergency or you give your phone to a trustworthy friend.


honor 5x review
Honor 5X: Spreading Happiness through Beautiful Pictures.


honor 5x finger print sensor
The Finger Print Sensor, right below the Camera.


huawei honor 5x
Brighter pictures, faster uploads and all that jazz.

It’s just so chic. Touch has another use.

The Touch Finger Print Sensor detects a fingerprint at any angle. It’s pretty quick & accurate and seldom requires a second touch. There is another interesting feature to this Finger Print Sensor and pretty cool one. You can unlock the phone and directly jump to a particular favourite app of yours. You can use different fingers for different apps. For example, one finger can unlock the phone, the other can unlock and take directly to Facebook or What’s app or the camera or anything else. Since the phone lets you store 5 fingerprints, you can have each fingerprint for its own function. Well, all this is very useful.

Camera & Quality of Pictures

The phone has a high quality 13MP rear camera and 5MP Front camera. Both the cameras have plenty of camera and video modes and options along with filters and settings for lively photos and videos. Camera modes such as all focus, panorama, slow motion, watermark, HDR are all very useful options.


honor 5x review
Click from any angle for a sharp picture.


honor 5x camera quality
Look at the clarity of colors.


honor 5 x price
Happy Picture = Happy Me


The modes for beauty, food and time lapse are perfect for selfies and food photos. The access to filters is easy and fast.

The camera delivers excellent color and detail under good lighting. The pictures come out sharp with little or no graining or noise. The low light shots may grain a bit but the use of filters corrects them. The front camera gives good quality selfies and makes you literally flawless. Well who wouldn’t love that? In all, you’ll be happy with the camera and quality of pictures.

Design of the Smartphone

Honor 5X has a sleek metal body which is durable and shines like a new star. Ofcourse if you handle it well, the star will shine longer. The phone doesn’t feel heavy. The body is a bit slippery so hold it tight or better, get a cover for it. The back has the camera and the LED flash at the top along with the finger print sensor below it. The finger print sensor blends in with the body.


honor 5 x specifications


The phone has a 5.5 inch screen with an almost 70% screen to body ratio. The phone doesn’t have any physical buttons and is totally a touch phone. The top of the phone has the front camera, notification light, earpiece and proximity sensor, all neatly placed. It’s a pretty good screen in terms of colours, brightness and detailing. You can enjoy watching your saved photos or videos.

I have been using the phone since 10 days and it has been a delight. As a blogger, I click alot of photos for the blog. Sometimes the light is favourable and most of the times not. Honor 5X, thanks to its filters and a better camera quality delivers pictures that are ready to upload.

All in all, Honor 5X is a sensible mid range phone. At Rs 12,999/-, it is a check on all the requirements. It has 2 SIM trays for a Nano and Micro SIM respectively. Both the slots are 4-G enabled.

The phone is well built, looks pretty neat with excellent screen and smoothness in operation. The Finger Print Sensor, my favourite feature is the icing on the cake. You can forgive the phone for any shortcoming, if there is one. If you are a No Nonsense person yourself, this No Nonsense smartphone has almost everything you would need in a phone.

Should you buy it? Yes! My color Preference: Gold!

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