FIFA 12 demo – gripping your nerves!

FIFA 12, also known as FIFA Soccer 12 in North America is the latest version of the most popular soccer video game. This is the nineteenth game in Electronic Arts FIFA series of association football video games. It has been developed by EA Canada and published under the EA Sports label by Electronic Arts worldwide. The game promises a revolutionary year for FIFA in the game department. David Rutter is the line producer for FIFA 12.

The game is in the list of top rising searches. The release of the demo was announced on 16th August at the Gamescom event in Germany. The MS Windows version came out on 13th September, 2011. The demo was made available from Xbox Live Marketplace and EA’s Origin store. The Playstation 3 demo was available in Europe the following day.

The game comes with new features and improvements and is better than its predecessors. The game presentation has been redesigned and the front end has been changed. The familiar vertical menus have been replaced by a side scrolling menu bar system. Also, FIFA 12 was available three days early to purchasers of the EA sports Season Ticket.

The Microsoft Windows version of FIFA 12 will have the same engine and features as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The “Ultimate Edition” of the game is available through Game and Gamestation stores. Impact Engine, Tactical Defending and Precision Dribbling are the three major gameplay changes in FIFA 12. There have been 3.2 million copies sold in the first week of availability, making it the fastest selling sports game.

A snapshot of the game :

Available Platforms are Xbox, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, Wii, Xperia Play, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, 3DS, PlayStation Portable, iOS .

Modes available are single-player and multiplayer.

Leagues : 29 licensed leagues from 22 countries are featured.

National Teams : There are 42 national teams in the international division. Five new teams have been added .

FIFA 12 Demo link :




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