5 Fashion tips you must follow in Summers
These off shoulder tops by Designer Label ‘Riraan’ by talented duo designers Rikita Pujara and Ratna Shah.

Here is a list of 5 Fashion tips you must follow in Summers to look good and refreshing all the time. Let summers bring the best in you. Look good, feel good and behave good with our list of easy to do fashion. Enjoy the post. It’s quick and to the point.

5 Fashion tips you must follow in Summers.

  • A mid length dress

Wear it to work or wear it to a party, a mid length dress bring the sexy out. It’s neither short that you have to be careful nor long that you feel the weight. It’s apt for full day or evening wear. If you have a lunch commitment, it goes with you there too. Easy and relaxed, a mid length dress is a must have for summers.

5 summer outfit ideas
Actress Sonal Chauhan in Lakme Fashion Week designer Neha Agarwal outfit.
  • Off shoulder tops

Look dreamy in off shoulder tops in summers. Choose wise and choose pastel colours to look appealing to the eye in heat and sweat. Stay away from dark and mash up prints. Instead, pick single light colours that are breathable.

5 Fashion tips you must follow in Summers
These off shoulder tops are by talented duo designers Rikita Pujara and Ratna Shah from their designer label ‘Riraan’.
  • Tie up you hair

Please do not keep your long hair open and look sweaty and unbearable. Tie up your hair in a bun, pony or a braid and look neat and pretty. Summer is the time to flaunt different braid styles, bun styles or just lock your hair in an easy pony. Feel free and hassle free in tied up hair. Add colourful pins, bands and clips for a very delicate look.

  • Clean feet and breathable sandals

Take ample care of your feet in summers. Open sandals lead to dirty fingers and dry toes. Wash your feet well and keep them moisturised all the time. Wear sandals that let you breathe and be comfortable at the same time.

  • Use a good perfume

Spray yourself well and carry a perfume miniature in your bag always. Body odour is a major concern in summers and you surely do not want to spread the bad vibes. Always be well sprayed and smell good. Buy a good perfume that’s effective and works for longer hours.

Have a happy summer!





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