11 Fashion Tips for Overweight Women

Overweight Women in Long Skirts
If you’re overweight and struggling to follow a sense of fashion, here are our best 11 fashion tips for overweight women. Read and learn.

Being overweight doesn’t mean you cannot look fabulous. With some tiny tweaks in the wardrobe and a clever sense of fashion, you can carry yourself with flaunt and suave anywhere you go. This article will cover 11 fashion tips for overweight women and help you style yourself better and smarter.

Do not let your weight demotivate you. Instead empower yourself with the right moves and put forth your attitude in style.

When it comes to fashion, it’s very difficult for anyone to get everything right. Sometimes the accessories do not go with the dress and sometimes the dress & the body doesn’t blend in together. Different women have different bodies; some may be pear shaped and some may be apple shaped.

Now, the same advice cannot go for all body types and sometimes there is chaos. That is no reason to brand yourself as a loser. The right way is always to learn the right way.

That’s why, the Let’s Expresso team is here with some awesome tips for overweight women.

fashion tips for overweight women

11 Fashion Tips for Overweight Women

Here are the 11 trendy tips to make you look pitch perfect.

1) Don’t wear tight clothes.

Stop thinking that tight clothes will make you look slimmer – this ranks our number one in fashion tips for overweight women. It is a hoax and one that is pretty widespread.

Do YOU want to Look like This?
Do YOU want to Look like This?

The real effect is quite the opposite. Tighter clothes emphasize those parts of your body which should be hidden to maintain a good look. Being overweight, you should always keep that in mind.

A tight jeans or leggings wore with a tucked in tee or a short shirt will bring out the chubby buttocks in a bad way and create a bad impression. They also expose the thighs which then come off as loud and annoying. The key focus should be to be subtle and wear clothes that are your size.

You should always wear comfortable clothes which fit your size and flaunt your likeable attributes.

2) Don’t wear one colour- Mix and Match

You have to be sure about how you’re looking in what you have put on. It is better to mix and match when you have a few extra pounds rather than wearing just one colour. Many expert fashion tips for overweight women state that wearing one colour makes you look more overweight as the dress emphasizes areas which should be kept hidden.

Instead of wearing a one piece swimsuit, go for more comfortable swim wear. Instead of wearing completely black or white attire, wear a mix of both.

Mix n Match

Mixing colours creates a more vibrant appeal and gives off a more positive enigma from your personality. A light coloured and loose top goes excellently with a darker legging. It hides your extra fat and makes you look more agile.

Throw in some light coloured accessories with darker clothes. For instance, a thin white belt on a dark shirt makes the entire ensemble more appealing and makes you look fab.

Don’t be dull, make a palette.

3) Switch to darker colours

Yes! It’s true. Darker colours make you look slimmer but there is a catch. Don’t think that if your size is 32 and you get a black one piece of size 30, it will make you look gorgeous… the result will be quite the reverse. The key again is wear what is your size.

Light weight dark fabrics which completely suit your size are the best option. For instance, a good black jacket to go with your white top during winter is a very good choice.

Wear Dark Colors

You should always keep in mind your skin tone while selecting between darker shades. Some darker shades may not suit while others may well compliment.

For instance, pure black goes very well with a fair complexion while dull grey goes better with a brown complexion.

Keeping these small details in mind can have a great impact on your overall outer look.

4) Bring in some Black and White Mash up

Black and white combinations have been the evergreen representatives of good fashion and excellent presentation. The black and white mash up is classic fashion tips for overweight women. This combination never fails.

Research any era, may be the late 1900s or the 1980s or the modern times, all the best dresses are either black or white. So, why are you shying away from including them in your wardrobe?

Not only does black make you look slimmer, white adds a vibrant chic to your entire ensemble.

Keep in mind that I am not talking only about dresses but also about accessories. For instance, a white belt over a black dress removes the attention from your bellies and thighs and puts in more attention towards your face and lower legs which makes you look better.

So go ahead, buy some black and some white.

5) Equalize your proportions

Maintaining the right proportions is always quintessential. It helps to fight off unwanted attention towards more chubby areas like your buttocks, upper arms and thighs.

Pear shaped bodies should have clothing which have a bigger lower half with details that broaden the upper body (flutter sleeves, boat necks etc.) while slightly overweight women can downsize their busts with simple tops.

6) Replace those minis with long skirts.

Overweight Women in Long Skirts

Minis can be tough because it bisects the leg where it’s biggest. This makes the legs very prominent in your look and gives off a negative vibe. Skirts that hit at knee where your leg is slimmer or long summer skirts are a more viable option as they give more surface area to your ensemble and make you look slimmer.

7) Choose smaller patterns.

Big patterns make you look bigger while smaller patterns make you look slimmer – standard fashion tips for overweight women. Don’t follow the reverse theory. It is as simple as that.

Overweight Women Clothes in Smaller Patterns

Don’t go for the big polka dot dresses instead, choose from the Dalmatian dots with light backgrounds of pink or yellow or with darker backgrounds of black or brown.

8) Bring in more stripes – Vertical is good

Avoid horizontal stripes, at any cost.

Stripes are okay on plus size clothing if they are diagonal or vertical. If you want to look larger in the bust area, horizontal stripes will enhance the bust line. Horizontals make your waistline more prominent and bulky which does not set the right tone for your like as you come off more bulky that you actually even are.

Seams, stripes, piping, or a deep V-neck all stretch you out. This makes you look a lot slimmer than you would have looked in horizontal stripes and patterns. You see vertical designs create the vision of stretched and slimmer structures and the same happens for you.

So stripes come in and horizontals go out- a very important point among fashion tips for overweight women.

9) Wear perfect fit lingerie.

This is one the best fashion tips for overweight women. Tight lingerie will help you keep your breasts and buttocks from becoming too prominent and make your overall appearance a lot slimmer.

Perfect Fit Lingerie

If you wear loose lingerie then the disadvantages are many. It makes your body parts saggy and lose a lot of shape, ruining your entire look and physicality all the more.

However, be careful, don’t put on too tight lingerie as it will cause health problems like severe headaches and pains in your lower back because of the increased tension on your shoulders and femur bones.

Wear the perfect fit. Take valuable advice from your trusted tailor about the right size and shape for your underwear so that you get the exact right fit.

10) Replace the heels with flats

Heels are bad for too many reasons. Heels make all the chubby parts more prominent. Instead of complimenting the look, heels will make your breasts appear huger and bottom more enlarged.

Therefore, it is essential to cut down on the heel quotient and switch to flats. There are a lot of options from which you can choose like walk flash wedges, soshine flats or lavie flats.

Heels can be bad for your health as your hips and spine move out of alignment and this results in orthopaedic and other disorders.

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11) Emphasize your strongest features.

There are always parts of your body which are worth flaunting off. Experts in fashion tips for overweight women state that heavy women should concentrate on accentuating their strongest and likeable features. It may be your face or your back or your eyes. Don’t shy away from showing them off with the right attitude and the right clothing. This is our strongest fashion tip for overweight women.

Don’t be shy. Be confident and proud of what you have and start carrying it with the right attitude. Wear dresses which bring out your best features. Where a backless to flaunt off your back, wear a sundress to flaunt your legs, don’t hesitate to go out and make your mark.


Being a little overweight is nothing to be ashamed of; being morbidly obese is but that’s another issue.

Most people around the world are not in the perfect shape and they don’t look bad. When it comes to giving the best fashion tips for overweight women, the best thing that can be said is that start believing that you’re beautiful because you truly are. Your weight is not a scale to measure your beauty so don’t let it be. Start being happy and once you do that everything will improve including the way you look.

Attitude Matters

Why? Because once you start believing in yourself, your body will ultimately become better psychologically and in turn, physically. It all depends on the way that you carry yourself.

Only one prime advice in fashion always goes – “Attitude Matters”. No matter what others think of you, be proud of who you are and what you are.

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  1. REALLY…Being a little overweight is nothing to be ashamed of; being morbidly obese is but that’s another issue.


  2. This article has a negative slant towards people who are more than “chubby”. Sharing tips is great, but it’s important to emphasize a healthy lifestyle and being comfortable in your skin.

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