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This post is totally out of the blue. It’s from infinity, a place where imagination moves faster than sight, sun rays and Mountain Might collide and spectacular views follow where ever the eyes meander. Sometimes one has to be a shunya (literal meaning a zero, a void, a nothing) to be something, give meaning to something, to be a human. And sometimes it takes a road less travelled to reach that phase. And in the end you find yourself to be a reflection of so many reflections, so many thoughts, so many interpretations and so many questions.

Since the Gods travelled far and wide, how could humans be left behind. On many such journeys, there is a basic question which hits time and again: when will it all stop? When will the greed stop? When will harming the nature stop? When will a human love another human out of humanity and not out of a blood or man made relation. When will the concrete jungle respect the God made one and when will trees be given more value than five star amenities? Think till you find the answer and if you do, DO let me know.lets expressoLets expresso lets expresso

fashion lookbookFashion Lookbook

Top: Zara

Jeans: s.Oliver

Shoes: Puma

Scarf: Satya Paul


Headband: Accessorize

These pictures of mine are sudden shots without any planning. These are random clicks and maybe the randomness is giving momentum, a meaning, an aesthetic. With the mighty Himalayas as the backdrop and evening light as a softener, the road less travelled became the perfect studio for a close to desirable shots. Till I reach this domain again, I have these pictures as reckoners and as I write, I’m tempted again to travel to find myself once again, to give meaning to life, to reach a higher stage in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Photographs by Kartik Virmani.

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