7 beauty and fashion lessons from Sonam Kapoor

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Anarkalis, jumpsuits, bikinis or sarees, Sonam Kapoor carries all of these with equal style and charm. The fashionista of Bollywood is seen in a new avatar every time. She loves to play around with silhouettes and drapes, experiment with her hair and jewelry and make a powerful style statement. These fashion lessons from Sonam Kapoor will turn you into a style diva. Make heads turn wherever you go.


fashion lessons from Sonam Kapoor



Here are 7 beauty and fashion lessons to learn from Sonam Kapoor.

  • Simple is sexy

Sonam Kapoor totally redefines the rules of fashion. She teaches us that a simple salwar suit or jeans and crop top can look sexy if you carry it the right way and accessorize it.


beauty lessons from Sonam Kapoor
Simple and classic!


Many times she keeps her look simple with minimalistic make-up and a simple hairdo. This makes a great impact and lets her personality outshine. If your attire fits properly, you feel comfortable and confident in it, then there is no stopping you and simple becomes sexy!




  • Carry it with confidence

Confidence is the key to the love of fashion. Whether it is a halter neck bikini or a gown at the red carpet, Sonam always carries herself with utmost confidence.


Love her confidence
Love her confidence


Rightly said that the outfit will shine if you look confident. Take cues from the style diva and flaunt that dress or saree with confidence.




  • Casuals are the new cool

Geeky glasses, boyfriend jeans, flip flops, Sonam takes the cool casuals to a new level altogether. On days when you don’t want to dress up and yet look glamorous, casuals are the best options.


Because we are never too old for Mickey Mouse!


Make sure you team them up aptly, and keep the overall look and feel very laid back. You can play around with make-up to give an edgy touch.


Summery casuals on point...
Summery casuals on point…


  • Don’t shy from experimenting

Sonam Kapoor deserves a round of applause for never shying away from experimenting. Sporting new looks, different hairstyles, and experimenting with funky jewelry, she does it all like a pro.


This fusion dress up is so chic!
This fusion dress up is so chic!


The good thing is while trying new things, she plays around with one element while keeping the others subtle. So the next time you want to experiment with a new clothing item, statement jewelry or even makeup, keep this tip in mind.


Statement jewelry is always a good idea.
Statement jewelry is always a good idea.


  • Formals are fun

If you thought that formals are just for boardrooms and client meetings, let Sonam change your thoughts. Formal silhouettes look very classy and chic. They make you stand out in the crowd.




Look how elegantly and stylishly Sonam has paired this black pant suit. You can wear something similar for an event and look worth a million bucks.


Evergreen in black
Evergreen in black


  • The 9 yard drape

Sonam and her unparalleled love for sarees! Films, film promotions, weddings, or the red carpet, she flaunts the nine yard beauty in the most beautiful manner.




beauty lessons from Sonam Kapoor


What we love is that she doesn’t drape the saree in the same old boring way. Pairing the saree with a dupatta, different blouses, wearing saree with crop tops and funky accessories – Sonam certainly gives us saree goals.


  • Good hair styling

The last lesson on this list is good hair styling. Styling your hair can enhance the overall look. Curls, beachy waves, messy buns, braids, Sonam does them all and looks gorgeous.


fashion lessons from Sonam Kapoor


The trick is to pair the right hair style with the right outfit. With a casual outfit you can sport waves, messy side braids, and with formal wear you can style your hair in a fishtail braid or simple curls.

Also remember that you never fully dressed without a smile, so let your smile dazzle the world.

Get the Sonam charm in your life and be a trend setter. She can carry a sack with confidence and convert it into couture. Are you smitten by her dressing sense? Would you dare to experiment? Pour in your thoughts in the comments below.

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