Fashion and trends: When alone it’s Fashion, when collective it’s Trend.

Latest Fshion Trands For Kids

Fashion and trends

Fashion earlier considered as one upmanship, glamour quotient and trend setter for the exclusive rich & famous, has changed its class & has become Attitude for the fast & successful, for the person next door.

Fashion is now the key to attitude. Well dressed attire imparts confidence to the wearer. It’s not about exposing top brands, it’s more of an aspiration of being associated with a brand and develop self confidence. Fashion sees no size, shape, sex & segment, it’s universally sought after.

Reams of literature is written on fashion, but even as on date the true purpose of fashion is still debatable. Fashion starts form the baby boomer’s first dress and goes to the designer coffins.

A child’s first dress is a wrap around sheet of cloth and the quality, texture, color, softness, the seams per inch reflect the desire of the mother how she would love to wrap the new born child. The dress on child’s first birthday is a project for the parents and great inputs & efforts are made to select the dress. The first school uniform is the first me too product that the parents have no choice to select as it has to be as per school specifications. But this school dress is also from the creative work of school committee to select the cloth, color, texture, print, school emblem with logos (this school logo latter recalls /transforms to a positive designer brand like  logo of Louis vuitton, Hermes etc).

It’s this tender age clothing which grows up with the child from bare essentials to desires of best in class, latest & trend setting. Teenage is the starting junction for personality & it’s this stage where sense, sensibility, sensuousness, style coefficient are some of the precursor ingredients for personality development.

Being in fashion is necessity of living & being fashionable is the art of leadership. Fashion designers are the catalyst of personality enhancement. They impart identity, confidence, grace with strength to enable people to live life to its greatest potential, to see more clearly, move more freely, express themselves more fully in the overcrowded, fast pace, highly net worked, competitive challenging & complex environment.

In earlier days fashion took years to reach from urban to rural markets. Rural & urban fashion was like light years apart. But in today’s screen world, global fashion is at the click of mouse, the time lag from Europe’s fashion capital to Chandigarh & Mumbai or Ranchi is just one day time difference.

Every article, commodity, utility product is a fashion statement. The color of hair, the bindi on forehead, eyebrows, the eye lashes, the Kajal in the eyes, the lipstick shade, the clothing lines, the jewellery collection, the footwear, the car, the windows and the doors, the furniture etc. are all trend setters & knowingly or unknowingly fashion is like the oxygen to the mankind. What is fashion today becomes trend tomorrow & the moment it goes to the masses, the classes are served with a new recipe—the change process, as both the consumer & designers strive for the next big thing called “Latest Fashion”.

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