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clove dental delhi review
Undergoing a checkup by Dr Ashima Chugh. Expert hands, expert advice.

Smile: a simple word but evokes a powerful emotion. Our smile is our crowning glory. A popular teeth structure not only electrifies the smile, it adds confidence too. Also, gone are the days when visiting a dentist was a nightmare. With Clove Dental, it’s more like a tete-a tete with a dentist who just happens to treat you simultaneously. Here is all from my personal experience with the brand and how it bowled me over with an excellent service.

Welcome to Clove Dental’s Gurgaon clinic!
Latest technology & procedures at your convenience.

Clove Dental Review

I visited the Guragon clinic on their Ortho Awareness Day. I would suggest all of you to keep an eye on their Ortho Awareness Days as they offer the following services free of cost:

  1. Free consultation worth around Rs 250/-
  2. Free OPG ( Full mouth X ray) worth around Rs 500/-
  3. Free 3D scanning of the teeth worth around 2500/-

It’s a total saving of around 3k to 3.5 k straightaway. It’s a holistic mouth checkup with recommendations of treatments.

Now let’s talk about Clove Dental’s Quality, Sterilisation and Patient Relationship Management.

Clove Dental’s Quality

The clinic provides supreme quality with FDI standardised materials for treatments. Their high standard of patient service is crucial in making it a leading company in the dental industry in India. I have seen it for myself. The quality of the doctors and their way of talking to the patients is worth noticing. The dedicated quality team ensures the clinic provides high quality services to all the patients and regularly strives for better procedures.

clove dental delhi review
Undergoing a checkup by Dr Ashima Chugh. Expert hands, expert advice.

Clove Dental’s Sterlization Process

All dental procedures utilise instruments and their cleaning is of utmost importance so that germs do not pass from one patient to another. Clove Dental practices high standards to control infection and contamination of instruments.

  • All patients wear shoe covers to enter the clinic.
  • Instruments are sterlized through a 4 step process as per International standards.
  • Same protocols are followed globally. What you see in India is practiced globally.
  • Regular clinic audits are conducted to ensure that the protocols for hygiene and sterlization are practiced thoroughly and consistently.
Clove dental review
I wore a shoe cover before entering the treatment area. Mandatory for all patients.

Patient Relationship Management

Clove has a self developed software that stores details, phone numbers, email ids and treatments done of all patients. This data is available PAN India. So if you take a treatment in Gurgaon and would like to take another one from another location, fret not. You whole data, treatments are stored online and can be accessed with an easy click from anywhere.

Let’s look at the treatments offered at Clove Dental.

  • Smile Correction
  • All kinds of braces – invisible braces or aligners which are not easily available in the market, metal braces, braces for kids. Find few of the best braces in Gurgaon and Delhi here. The braces cost is also affordable.
  • Adult Orthodentics – age is not a bar for braces. One can get them at any age and get their teeth and smile corrected. There are ‘Adult Aligners’ for ‘Smile & Teeth’ correction. There are no food restrictions or precautions that need to be followed with the treatment.
clove dental delhi review
Clean clinics, sterlized instruments.

So, here are the 5 reasons to get your dental treatment at a Clove Dental near you.

  1. Usage of supreme quality FDI Standardized materials for the treatments.
  2. Strong sterlization practices for instruments.
  3. Cost effective treatments. It’s a corporate chain and all the clinics are company owned. The treatments are pocket friendly.
  4. Transparency of treatment and billing.
  5. Experience of the doctors offered is unmatched. I was treated by Dr Ashima Chugh, heading Gurgaon and Faridabad branch. She is an ace in her profession. Highly recommend her.
Happy ME with the doctor!

Every third kid needs some kind of braces treatment now-a-days owing to their diet and chemical preservatives used in the food. The new Ortho treatments can take care of irregular teeth, tooth decays, rabbit teeth, improper smile amongst other concerns. The correction of teeth and smile can help in sorting the psychological traumas kids go through while growing up. The treatments also help in longevity of the teeth which leads to proper chewing of the food. This also ensures ample nutrition component being chewed .

Design and align your teeth to perfection at a Clove Dental near you. There are clinics PAN India so you can look for the one near your location. There is no age bar to correct your smile. Get it done sooner than later and see you confidence and life improving.

Have a happy & confident smile

Tanya 🙂 🙂

P.S: This post is in collaboration with Clove Dental. The opinions expressed are totally mine.

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