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Blow your hair this summer in shiny waves and mesmerising curls from the comfort of your home. No more running to the parlours and spending your time and buck. Don’t just up tie your hair or braid them away. Add some fun, add some glam to open, tied or braided hair. Here are some easy ways to style your hair at home.

Ways to style your hair

  • Straighten your fringes: Let the rest of your hair take the natural momentum. Only straighten your fringes to add sharpness to the face.
  • Ruffle in a bun: For a messy day, ruffle your hair in a bun. Leave a chunk of fringe loose and curl it up.
  • Braid it up: Experiment with your braids. From regular to fishtail to 4 strand braid, try it all. Add more drama by braiding sideways, in the front or like a hair band. Accessorise with beautiful hair bands. Leave a long fringe open for a contrast.
  • Flirty curls: Long or medium, flirty curls define the face and add volume. Change your look completely by curling your mane.
  • Curl your tips: Leave the upper mane natural and curl the last 2-3 inches of your hair. Part your hair in centre or sideways.

All the above easy to do hairstyles at home are easily and very conveniently achievable and will save you many bucks otherwise spent at a salon. The Philips new KeraShine range of appliances that include a Hair Straightener, a Hair Dryer and a multi-styling brush- GlamStyler can help out anytime, anywhere to create these hairstyles. I have been using the Philips straightener since a very long time and it’s my go to rescue for a sudden get-together or for those hectic days when I don’t find time to go to a salon to ready my hair. I never worry because I know I can rely on my hair straightener. The Philips range is Keratin infused and revitalises and rejuvenates hair, making them softer and silkier.

My latest crush is the Philips Glamstyler (Price Rs 2495/-). Below is a step by step representation on how to use it. It’s an easy way to curl your hair at home. Whether you are looking at curling full length, or just the fringe or maybe only the lower ends, this is a fantastic DIY tool for curling at home. So leave your worries at bay and get an instant glamorous hairstyle at home in a matter of 10-15 minutes.

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I have used the Philips GlamStyler to get a light wave at the lower ends of my hair. This is similar to a blow dry that I get from a salon. For the second look, I have tied my hair and left a wavy fringe open.

Have you tried any of the products from the Philips hair care range for styling hair at home? I would love to know your views…

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