Easy to carry FIVE fashion trends that every girl must try


In-between the shouts of ramps and bollywood queens, there is enough baffling of whether to wear what they wear, how will it look? Will it be acceptable? Will it be in my budget? To make it simple, Let’s Expresso brings 5 fashion trends that are easy to wear and good on pocket. Every trend may not suit each body type and may make the wearer land from Mars. So here’s a list of easy to carry 5 fashion trends.

  1. Peplum. A fabulous trend that can uplift your outfit instantly and make you look extremely stylish. Peplums look great when attached with the waistline of your blouse, skirt or jacket. It can hide your bulges and elevate your curves. Very stylish and makes one stand out of the crowd.
  2. Loafers. The trick is pairing them right. Wear loafers under chic pants or hot shorts and see the result. Available in all shades, patterns and prints, loafers give a stylish look to the basic flats. Walk in style and carry your attitude.
  3. Wide hem pants. They always stay in fashion whether in the form of palazzos, parallels or simple wide hems. One can choose from a variety of colours, prints, embellishments, shades and styles. They instantly draw attention to the lower body and one can sway freely in them. Ombre shades, animal prints and stripes are in this season.
  4. Skirts. Walk in style, walk in elan, walk chic in your favourite skirt this season. Long skirts with fitted blouses or short skirts with loose T-shirts are just perfect to talk in style. A fashion trend that never fades out and can make you look jumping right out of the cover of a magazine.
  5. Scarves. Accessorise any of your outfit with a scarf and see the magic. Choose from infinity loops or tie your scarves in different styles to become the talk of the town. Scarves and you, an online platform offers scarves in different styles, shades and lengths to suit every occasion and need. This is one fashion trend that simply stays.


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