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The era of brick and mortar is long gone and the laptops are losing their magical touch. E-commerce has a new best friend: The Mobile Phone. With a shift in e-commerce transactions from desktop web to mobile web, more and more brands are now focussing on improving the Mobile web and mobile Apps experience. The customers are finding it useful too. From ordering a pizza to a dress for a cocktail, everything is being done via mobile. And with the increase in the availability and affordability of smart phones, Mobile is the future and mobile engagement, the key.

Here are 5 reasons for a consumer to shift to Mobile Engagement.

  1. Customer Experience. Browse through well built mobile sites and apps and make the most of location based service.
  2. Mobile Commerce. Easily place orders through mobile apps and mobile sites. The apps adjust as per user behaviour and preference, thus easing the start to finish transaction experience.
  3. Ease and Convenience. Mobile shopping has made life super easy. While waiting for a bus or some food at a restaurant, click and shop and utilise every bit of available time from hectic schedules.
  4. Anytime- anywhere. The phone is the best friend in need and indeed. You can be anywhere and at any time of the day, the power to shop is always in your hands.
  5. 4 G poised. With 4G high speed, downloading and uploading information via mobile becomes a cakewalk. 4G can enable real mobile broadband experience. With 5 times faster speed, 4G will revolutionise the way internet via mobile is consumed in India for all high speed applications and services.

Mobile customer engagement is seeing a rapid growth and customers and businesses are interacting through messaging, apps and mobile web to learn about each other, products and services, make purchases and get customer service support. More emphasis are being laid on mobile- customer engagement campaigns and brands in every genre are making utmost efforts to understand and address the customer through this channel.

mGage is a global mobile engagement provider with more than 15 years of mobile CRM (mCRM) experience. This is a Mobile Education Initiative by the brand in collaboration with Let’s Expresso. mGage provides reach across mobile touchpoints, including text message, app push notification, voice and email. The brand delivers billions of monthly mobile messages for 800 enterprises and is a trusted connection for over 500 carriers across the globe.

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  1. Hey Tanya,

    Totally agreed with your views, most of the consumers are now using smartphones for accessing internet and purchasing online. So if you want to ahead in your eCommerce business or any other kind of business then you should focus on mobile users engagements.

  2. Most of my shopping and recommendations are happening online. If I like something, I take a screenshot and send it to my niece who does all the purchasing for me. Mobile has made shopping very convenient to women specially.


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