Dressing tricks to hide the flab

We girls love to be thin and thinner and thinnest. Even a little of flab here or there is a matter of national importance for us: p …We do all it takes to look lean to the extent of becoming mean. Most of my friends are round and I always tease them by saying that even -“Round is a shape”. Well, fun apart, I understand their plea and everyday woes attached. So, I thought of ways and means by which they can look slender by wearing the correct cut and style. Some tweaks in the dressing and accessories can smartly camouflage to a great extent. Here is a list of a few tricks to distract attention.

Dressing tricks to hide the flab

Empire silhouettes: The most common concern is the belly flab .High waist dress or top can accentuate the entire Empire line and skim the body. A high waist dress, gathered near the bust with a loose bottom is called Empire silhouette. This disguises the stomach area and also helps to lengthen the body’s appearance. Also, high waist jeans and A-line dresses help in hiding the extra curve.

Big Bags: A big bag on the forearm or a sling bag across the waist also helps to hide the paunch.

Dark colors: By wearing dark colors, once can hide the disproportionate body.

Accessories:Right accessories can go a long way.

Avoid belts if your hip or waist is bigger than the rest of your body.

Avoid puffy sleeves for flabby arm.

Wear hats, caps to cover a broad forehead. Styling hair with bangs or side parting helps to take attention from the forehead.

If your love handles are evident, avoid wearing belts on your jeans.

For short necks :wear long earrings to frame the face and give an illusion of a longer neck. Deep V or U necks add length to the short neck. For double chin –wear long neck pieces and avoid wearing chokers.

Clothes: Don’t sulk if you don’t have upper curves. Highlight the upper area to give a fuller and curvier look. Wear clothes with work and embossing on the chest area. Wear collars and necklaces to add the effect. For broad shoulders: keep your shoulders free of any embellishment. No padded jackets or sling dresses. For heavy chest, wear long chains and long scarves. No high necks or any accessory near the neck.

Footwear: No T-strap sandals for large feet .Keep the feet covered with pumps and wear trousers below the ankle. Avoid short skirts or narrow ankle trousers.

However confident we are, that bulging area can make us feel bumpy and red. These are the easier ways to dodge the issue and feel comfortable in our skin. We are women and we love to love ourselves !


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