5 ways to Dress to impress that special someone

Create your own style!

Most of us have that special someone who makes the world a happier place. Dressing up for that person brings excitement and happiness. Whether that someone is your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend, make an effort to add a glam touch to your look when dressing up for them and see how you can impress them. Let’s get ahead with 5 ways to Dress to impress that special someone.


Dress to impress that special someone
Style is much more interesting than fashion!


How you dress up is a reflection of your identity. You shouldn’t completely change it, but small modifications for the love of your life would be greatly appreciated by them.

Here are the 5 ways in which you can dress to impress that special someone of yours.

  • Wear your style

A lot of people think that impressing someone with just what you wear is overrated. It’s true that you impress people with your personality, but the way you dress is an integral part of your personality and identity.

Wear what suits your body type and what’s your style. Experimenting a little always help! But dressing totally out of your league will not be effective.


what to wear on a date
Rock the desi look with kurtis and patiala salwars.


If you’re a jeans and kurti kind of girl, wear pretty kurtis with funky accessories. Kohl rimmed eyes, a dash of lipstick and jutties would be perfect to complete the look. If you’re a maxi dress kind of girl, flaunt that with style.

You could incorporate your special someone’s choices for that oomph. If he likes to see you in pink, wear it. If he loves it when you look all classy in a cotton saree, wear it for him and spread across a smile.


how to impress husband
Wear what you like and you’ll look all the more amazing…


PS – Don’t overdo it, you don’t want to lose your individuality.

  • Be comfortable in your own skin

This is the golden rule. If you aren’t comfortable yourself how will you impress the other person? Be confident about what you wear, your body and your overall self.

Whether it is a bikini on a beach vacation or an anarkali at a wedding, wear it with panache. Wearing an outfit with confidence can make it look worth a million bucks.


how to impress boyfriend
Create your own style!


If it’s your first date or a special occasion, wear something that you know you’ll be comfortable in. You don’t want to feel conscious all the time and ruin all those mushy moments.


Dress to impress that special someone
Bring out the boho vibe with such funky styling.


Look at yourself in the mirror, compliment yourself and walk out in style!

  • Smelling good makes all the difference

First date, 20th date, or 200th date, you always need to smell good. Body odor can be such a turn off, so why take a chance.

Invest in some good fragrances and you’ll see how it becomes a sure shot way to impress someone. If you think that your perfume won’t last long, carry a small perfume in your bag.


What do we even say! Victoria Secrets...
What do we even say! Victoria Secrets…


Also don’t forget to carry a mouth freshener or peppermint gum. Who wants their mouth to smell of onions or anything nasty on a date.

  • Your hairdo is important

Just in case you thought that men don’t pay attention to your hairstyle, the truth is that they notice it.

Make sure your hair is washed, smells good, is well groomed and looks stylish. It can be a simple fishtail braid or a messy bun. The deal is that it should look you’ve put in that tad bit extra effort.


hair for a date
It’s the effort that matters. Simple styling goes a long way.


For a special occasion you can wear an off shoulder dress or top and let your hair fall in loose curls. For a formal event adorn a bun updo with a backless blouse to soar the temperature high.

  • Cool and casual works best

Unless it’s an occasion or a festival, try and keep your style cool and casual. Don’t overdo with a lot of makeup or accessories. It will kill the look.


Dress to impress that special someone
Perfect outfit idea for a causal day outing with bae!


You don’t need to be decked up like a Christmas tree for a movie date. A casual jumpsuit with tie-up sandals and bright coloured lipstick would look great.


Dress to impress that special someone
Dainty accessories go best with casual looks.


Play it down, subtle and classic look will get the focus on your inner beauty, emotions and intelligence. Also don’t forget to wear your lovely smile for an everlasting impression.

Let us know how do you like to dress to impress that special someone for a date night. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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