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Love to shop as per occasions? Love to shop amidst wide variety? Love to shop with a stylist? is your answer! A portal with a difference, a portal with a numerous option, a portal with a different outlook. Let’s Expresso speaks to Pushpendra Singh, founder of

Tell us about Doozton and how it is different from other e-commerce ventures.

In a way, we are bringing the concept of personal stylists, and handpicked clothes online to the masses to help people in what to wear and what to shop by offering a whole new approach to online shopping based over various occasions such as for a party, for a date, for wedding rather than the conventional behavior of searching clothes based over the various categories. is a new age fashion-tech venture with a different take on the way we shop fashion online, it offers a personalized shopping experience and makes product discovery easy by socially connecting people over their shopping opinions.

We are a socially-nurtured and a curated fashion shop that offers handpicked fashion-finds from various online stores and helps people to make better shopping decisions. People can find top shopping trends, get inspired from friends and community trend-setters, and get to know what to wear and where to, fashion and style, shop online

What motivated this startup?

Let’s try to think about a new age consumer who gets puzzled around what could be the best thing to wear for various occasions. None of the e-Commerce sites lets you find products suited to various occasions while many of us actually look for the things that could be best fit may be for workplace or may be a vacation or like Friday dressing. To address this we bring this new approach to the discovery of apparel and accessories based over occasions such as for a date, for a party, for workplace or may be something else and also let you connect with friends, family and trendsetters/stylists to know what could be the best recommendations for such occasions or in general so that you are never low on fashion.

Let us know a brief about your challenges with such a different concept.

There have been many challenges in terms of designing and defining the concept. We came with closed private beta version in March 2013 and the whole time taken was to understand the user behavior more deeply but it has been rewarded and user’s appreciation has been a great motivation factor for us.

Why fashion & lifestyle only? 

Fashion and lifestyle is the biggest category to grow in the coming years. It not only has the highest frequency of purchases, it is also the second biggest category searched over Google as of now.

What are the marketing & branding activities undertaken by the brand?

We have been focusing over SEO and social media and have also been growing by word of mouth since we have got a good product at hand and people have been loving to use their social clout for shopping.

Own stake vs funded startups, take your pick.

It depends on the business but in general, funding is much needed to scale. As far doozton, it is bootstraped for now.

How do you see India evolving in the e-commerce segment in say next 2 years?

It will only grow with time, the key is the survival. If you can stay and sustain for longer period, there are good chances to succeed.

Any suggestions you want to give to a fellow startup entrepreneur.

Follow the heart and try to create innovative products, even in pureplay ecommerce lots of innovation is possible by offering great designs.

End of interview.

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