Don’t marry a girl who cooks

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Don’t marry a girl who can cook

She is like any other girl who has dreams, wants, needs and strength to achieve them all. She has lived a fantastic life till now and plans the same way forward. She is not looking for a cage to seep her out of her energies and she is definitely not looking at a life full of expectations. She is looking for a relationship that will open her up, ring unfelt bells and get the best out of her. She will be your partner in every crime, give you the best company you never had and be the bestest of a friend you only imagined.

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She is like your sister who needs pampering and love all the time. You never expected your sister to cook, then why expect her? She is somebody’s sister, daughter and the apple of someone’s eye. She is not short of love in her life. Infact she is capable of giving heaps and mountains of love and selfless care and the only thing she asks in exchange is dignity and respect. Take one step towards her, she will take ten towards you.

She is well read, well qualified and absolutely fit to give you a run for your money. She is capable of multi tasking, making a cup of tea and answering a business call at the same. She gets tired like you, stressed like you and needs a Home to come back, just like you. Chances are she is unwell, disturbed, had a fight with her colleague, all messed up and all she must be wanting is a nicely laid up table when she gets back home. Acceptable, isn’t it ?

Don’t look at her culinary skills, for she may be an apt cook but that’s by choice! She will turn the heaven upside down to make your favourite dish or an after work snack. She will flip through cook books and youtube videos to find your favourite margarita recipe. And all this will be done to get a smile on your face and some love in your stomach.

So don’t marry a girl who can cook for she is not marrying you because you can cook. Marry her for she’ll be a soulmate, a soul friend, a soul guide, a soul partner. She will talk your troubles out and solve most of them. When you will be sad, her motto will be to cheer you up. She will make your life a bliss and definitely make you the best pasta on a Sunday.

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