Dog is a man’s best friend. 5 benefits of dogs.

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My dog is my world! My cutie pie, my friend in need, my best friend, my soul mate, my everything. One day without him is like something missing from life. He is a baby to me, my cutest kid. I can go on and on and on about him. But the fact is, Dog really really really is a man’s best friend. Pet benefits are many. Here I put together 5 benefits of dogs.

Reason for joy. Pets are greatest source of stress-busters. You always come ‘home’ to them. It’s a pleasure seeing someone waiting for you and giving all his attention as soon as you walk home.

You are never alone. The world may leave you but your dog will never. You may thrash him, yell at him but he will always wag his tail for you, always lick you and be with you. True soulmate and a treasure to be cherished.

Stay fit with dogs. There will be a morning and evening routine with your dog. He will walk, so shall you. Fitness will come into life by default. Enjoy healthy life with your pet. Active lifestyle is one of the best pet benefits.

Turning responsible. A pet is like a child. You have to take care like you would do for your baby. Checking food in time, basic needs, vaccinations etc will make you responsible and will bring a method in your life.

Embrace happiness. Playing with dogs and spending quality time with them will keep you occupied and happy, thus giving you lesser time to worry and take tensions.

My dog is my paradise and I hope these benefits of dogs will motivate all of you to bring one home too. Life changes, priorities change and so does the home environment. It’s great to have an additional family member who is there in your thick and thin.


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