Diwali –Indian festival of lights – The most fashionable festival !


The city is lit, so is my heart … Diwali , Indian festival of lights,the most fashionable festival !  Every year, I keep myself absolutely reserved for the glittering Diwali and the attached celebrations. The hue of the Indian festival of lights beckons as soon as the month arrives. Diwali is celebrated in October or November every year depending upon the Hindu calendar. It marks the coming
of Lord Ram back to his kingdom after defeating Raavan in the long battle symbolizing good over evil.

Everything, everyplace is lit up  ;from the houses to Temples to the streets to the trees to the human body and soul ! The women raid the markets to buy gifts, clothes, house ware, jewellery ,sweets ,decoratives . From our house to ourselves, we are all adorned, beautified and baubled .The festival spirit is always on an all time high and the preparations for the Indian festival of
lights are larger than life. The entire family comes together and puts a cumulative effort to sizzle and sparkle.

My personal checklist :

-Get gorgeous in little time

-Get dressed in the flashy best

-Wrap the best gifts

-Make the perfect dishes

-Wish all who matter

-Embellish the house

-Keep a tab on the calories … I know I know, it’s difficult but I still do !

The newspapers get flooded with all kinds of advertisements– from the best parlour deal to the best ethnic wear ; from the best car offer to the home offer ; from the best LCD to the best microwave;from the sumptuous mithais to the namkeens :all fighting to grab attention and space in our lives.In-between all this , there are larger than life full page jewellery ads tickling every bone and muscle of a woman’s body. The designs speak for themselves and grab attention to the level,that buying them is the only way to survive, kicking every other need mentioned by the Maslow’s law. Well well, what to do, we are talking about the most fashionable festival- The Indian festival of lights.

Hmmm indulgence is the word that is on top of my mind recall with Diwali ! Indulgence in get-togethers, eating healthy (yes , healthy is still the word to pay attention, for girls- we can’t be looking like Hardy’s cousin post celebrations and spend the next 3 months shedding the extra kilos),buying the sparkling clothes  ,making the house spic n span , lighting up not only the house but our soul aswell, for when is a better day to forgive and embrace  than the most auspicious occasion of Diwali .

Everywhere I look ,there is a palette of colors, for the entire realm is at its fashion best , bejeweled and decked up to celebrate the
Indian festival of lights. The smiles, the happiness fill the air with a warm spirit of togetherness and oneness.

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