Different ways of scarf tying

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Scarf is such a subtle yet effective accessory. It has the superpower to instantly transform your look. From flowy chiffons to sexy silks, warm woollens to pretty georgettes, you can choose different materials and patterns to elevate your look in a jiffy.

Today we help you style a scarf in different looks. So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin with some of the most innovative ways of scarf tying and styling.…

The good thing about scarves is that they almost go with all types of attires. Be it a simple jeans and tee or a knee length dress, scarves add a lot of volume and color to the entire look. Tie them in different ways to experiment various styles. Here we go with how to wear scarves.

  • As a bandana!

Go boho chic by converting your petite scarf into a rock-chic turban or bandana. Just lightly wrap around your head like a turban and you are ready to roll.

  • Bundled around the neck
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    Bundled around the neck for a very suave look.

A bundled scarf around the neck, over a t-shirt or a deep neck top is a great way to accessorize your evening look.

  • Infinity Loop
    Autumn Hued Infinity loop Scarf
    Infinity loop

Infinity loop is a casual double layered way of wearing your scarf around your neck. Let the scarf be in your neck and then tie both its end together, creating one large loop. Hang the loop over your neck in a way that the knot is at back. Twist it and layer two or three times hiding the knot.

  • Safely tucked in

Slim belts and scarves are great companions. Tuck both the ends of your scarf into your belt for a unique look.

  • Back to school tie

Who said ties were only for the board meetings. Turn your scarf into a classic tie and sport an edgy look. Pair floral or Aztec patterned scarves with plain shirts for that added oomph.

  • Cozy around the neck

If you want a basic look, then this one if for you. Fold the scarf into half. Take the loose end through the loop and pull so that it is knotted at the center. Drape the scarf in this way and give your simple denim and cardigan look a refreshing change.

  • 2 in 1
    Image source: hellonatural.co
    Image source: hellonatural.co

Cannot decide which out of your favourite scarves to wear? We have a solution. Take 2 of your favorite scarves back to back. Drape one side around your neck and then twist it so that both the sides are visible.

Some quick scarf style techniques:-

A small scarf can also be flaunted as an arm candy along with your watch and charm bracelets.

Knot a flowy long scarf onto your bag – an instant mood upliftment therapy!

Use your scarf as a belt to give your formal look a pleasant makeover.

Recreate the magic of 70s….Wrap a small scarf around your messy bun for a retro look.

This winter let the scarf be the center of attraction. These are just some of the many knots and styles. Even a simple folded drape would look classy when carried with poise and confidence.

If you also know an interesting way to style your scarf, then let us know. We are awaiting your feedback and responses.

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