Different Ways for Pony hairstyles

Pony hairstyles are coming back this summer with a vengeance. This is one style which is eternal. It is certain that Cleopatra and Nefertiti sported ponytails in their times. Pony Hairstyles are so magically versatile. It is like a globetrotter on your head. It can be right at the back of your head at one moment, on the left side today and on the right side tomorrow. A ponytail is also very social. It likes to make friends with bangs, curls, barrettes, rubber bands and ribbons.pony hairstyles

If you really want to tone down the magnetic power of your hair then you can wear a simple back of the head ponytail. This will give you an active and no-nonsense look. This is perfect for the gym or for a jog around the neighborhood.

On the other hand pony hairstyles can be made to turn heads and one of the hot numbers is the super elegant retro-ponytail. It consists of a little puff at the front with a wide-toothed comb. Then the ponytail is pinned high at the back of the head and allowed to fall in a thick rumpled way. It does something to the men.Pony Hairstyles

The power of pony hairstyles truly lies in the confidence and élan of the wearer. A perfect example is the curly pony falling around your neck over your chest. One can even let it slide through the back as shown in the picture above. That is sheer exhibitionism. A little colourful barrette at the side and the style is complete. It exudes confidence and a devil-may-care attitude.

Sometimes the dresses you wear command the kind of pony hairstyles you should go for. An example is a long light coloured flowing evening gown. The right ponytail accompaniment is the garlanded one. A braided ponytail with a long garland of flowers gives the perfect spring look for an exotic evening.

Hair is an unfair advantage for women. It is a personal artistic medium. A little twist here and a tiny pin there can create a maddeningly luring ponytail. It is the stuff of male fantasies. A classical example of such a style is the messy look with a twist in the tail. It involves three thick strands of hair at the back. The left strand locks into a twist with the right strand while the middle strand falls as a ponytail.

Sometimes on a Sunday you are feeling lazy and you have nowhere to go then this is the right time to practice on various pony hairstyles. You have all the weapons that were available to Helen of Troy. A mirror, some pins, a hair brush and a ribbon; this is enough to turn you into a Mata Hari of your city’s social scene.

Your hair is your personal Rubik’s cube. The fun lies not in going for the final solution but for all the colourful solutions on the way. Try the elegant half-up, with one thick strand of hair clasping a thick pony tail on the side at the back of the head. Two toned hair look superb in this style.

A hot new number in ponytails is the bouffant mixed with a long ponytail that extrudes from a hidden elastic band. The band is hidden by stylishly billowing hair around it. This gives a very French chic look.

A retro with a modern touch is the long forehead fringe extending to both sides of the head and curled up near the ears. This is combined with a base knot near the scalp and the pony tail falling luxuriantly from a high spot at the back of the head. It looks glamorous any which way you look.

Pony hairstyles are a girl’s plaything. Men have tried their hands at it down the centuries but with not much success. The answer to that perhaps lies in the natural deftness of female hands. The ponytail will always rule fashion in some way through the ingenuity of hair stylists.



  1. I really like pony tail hairtyle, it’s really easy and comfortable, but some people think this is dull hairsyle.

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