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Time flies faster than sound waves, faster than light, but if you’re on other side of the time machine, it crawls slower than the new born child moves, slower than the speed of snail. So is the Fashion, it can be faster than light & slower than snail speed- all thanks to our favorite designers.

It took more than hundred years to invent a product to make Alexander Graham Bells innovation in MARCH 1876,  the telephone to be replaced by HAND HELD mobile phones on 3 April 1973. Gadgets, cars took years to upgrade.

Fashion has a different story…

The cool comfortable cozy creative look of jeans got updated by adding embroidery on pockets, back, front thighs, the seams got enlarged from 7per inch to 3 per inch in 100 years, but the trend of slow change in FASHION has taken a back seat now. Clothing /accessories/fashion that took decades to change has been put on fast track process of change with the invention of mobile & mobility. Now it takes one red carpet night to change the sense, sensitivity, style & styled in the fashion high street.

The core reason for change is competition between the suppliers & up man ship in clients. The awareness of brands is at its nadir. Even the country side Sec D consumer is well informed of global changes & the user /consumer is also more conscious about looks & personality. The work environment for blue colored workers has radically changed by the search engine wave. Earlier there were only two types of dresses- casual & formal but today the concept of dress making is more of art. The morning walk starts with a pair of sports shoe, track suits, caps & a music system(i-pod). The after bath requires a designer towel with knee length gown, the office /business dress is made up of comfortable inner wear (a diesel underwear & a Tommy Hilfiger vest accompanied by Zara pants and Louis Philippe shirt with cuff links). A simple handkerchief with signature alphabet initial & Zodiac socks with Red tape shoes, Armani belt & wallet coupled with an Arrow coat & designer tie, a Kenneth Cole watch is a must. The evening office gym dress includes sports shoes from Nike & Jockey/Reebok shorts with Reebok tees, arm wrist & designer hand towel. The night dress includes shopper stop Bermuda & matching t shirt, the Friday dress & Saturday casuals have a long list of clothing. (Brand names USED are only informative & have no recommendation by the author.)

Designer collar accessory
Designer collar accessory

For women the category needs reams of paper to put in the items/brands & complimentary accessories which change like lightning speed due to market dynamics.

The saris, the suits, the pants, the skirts, the gowns & the accessories need style & splendor, the color, the fall, the drapery, the tapestry, the stitching, the thread- all need the designers creativity, versatility, diversity to empower, enable, enthuse & encourage to delight & pamper the consumers red carpet dreams  .

The red carpet dress today is the norm of the affluent. Gone are the days when one evening dress was repeated in umpteen stand alone get together, today the dress for sec A segment has a shelf life & becomes obsolete after one function & so the need of designer dresses increase. The corporate segment wish list is high design content & repeat-ability of dress with change in accessories & the sec B segment is the most dress conscious & goes for the best in class design (with brands or their related look alike touch/feel experience).

The branded market has opened up the market for all segments to “dress to impress“. This has brought in brands for all categories, from infant to children to school going to teenagers to adult to corporate world to glamour industry, to sportsmen, even a cricket T shirt or lawn tennis dress is a designer dress & is designed by the big fat leading brands.

The clothing/ accessories brands, the designers & the consumers are all responsible for this rat race for the cat walk not only on the ramp but from local bus station to party/convention/meeting halls.

Designers are the oxygen for the consumers/ society to give them identity. Designers are the means not an end for the establishments and Designers are the catalyst WHO —- PLAY their part to make your look SMART.


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