Designer Masaba Gupta launches Maskaba, initiative to produce non-surgical masks

Masabag Gupta masks
Stylish masks by Masaba Gupta.

Masaba Gupta is well known for her creative and artistic skills. Starting her career at 19 to reaching this point in her life has been a long and enormous journey. She is also the first designer to conduct a fashion show via Instagram. During the quarantine too, Masaba has been constantly working with her new designs and making complete use of the lockdown.

MASKABA – masks by Masaba Gupta

Masaba has come up with her new edition of masks MASKABA.  Ha-ha, her word play is off charts. Naming is very important while releasing your designs and who better than her can come up with such a fancy title? Anyway, Maskaba is a range of masks designed by Masaba in the early phase of lockdown. These are non surgical reusable masks. You can find them on her website. For every mask you purchase, one goes to charity. It has vibrant colours like red, orange, white with some ethnic themes. But you would ask me what is so great in this? She is just trying out different mediums to design on, right? But NO, these marks are not just for creativity but are also of actual use. Recently, Masaba posted pictures of women police officers wearing these masks on Instagram. Masaba gifted the police officers these beautiful masks.

Source: Masaba Gupta’s Instagram.

You call this promotion or national duty, the beautiful act is worth the appreciation. Gifting such beautiful masks to the pillars of our society help them feel recognised. It boosts their morale and is a wonderful gesture of thanking our young police officers who have been risking their lives outside while we stay at home and enjoy in our blankets. It brings in zeal to all those working outside. It is not just about a mask or a design, it is about the sentiments attached to it while distributing the mask and the encouragement received while accepting the mask.  

Source: HouseofMasaba

Of course, since these are designer masks, they obviously are a little steep, but they have something in them that makes you want to buy these mask. Well that’s the skill the Maskaba lady possesses. 

Source: HouseofMasaba


This also gives an idea to the aspiring fashion designers and bloggers to design their own masks. Imagine that feeling when you would wear your own mask and see some more people use the masks you designed. There are a lot of Youtube tutorials on how to design the perfect non surgical mask. You can start designing your own mask today.

This not only will make you feel proud but will also help the entire nation. As you know, the demand for masks and medicinal products are the highest right now and your tiny bit can contribute to help the nation and the needy. You can make such masks and distribute them to the poor and the needy or to the pillars of our country who have been constantly working in and out in order to keep this nation together. This way without increasing the demand, you increase the supply and also help some people.

Well these are some tiny take aways to learn from such fashion designers. Just noticing the design features and then forgetting is as good as not seeing it. So the take away you can learn from Masaba Gupta is that such tiny contributions or donations or gifts matter. They personally cheer up the person and fills them with energy to work better. You should also ponder on how you can make your own masks and distribute them. Remember you may distribute just 10, but when everyone starts following you, the count would reach to 10,000 or even more.  So start now and make your own mask and send us the pictures on our Facebook or Instagram page. 

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