Delhi University fashion trends- the Youth on the Go!

Fashion has its ever-changing definition. In support of this is the most evident yet fluctuating fashion trend amongst the college youth in the prestigious Delhi University campus. Breaking free from the norms of school, these youngsters come to college in flying colors. One can see all kinds of pastel shades, rainbow colors and bright to subtle hues highlighting the young crowd from head to toe. Students at DU are believed to be the trend setters when it comes to fashion. Girls carry themselves in the best casual outfits not necessarily the most expensive ones but comfortable enough suiting their personality.To complement those are the dudes, who are not going to stay behind by any means. So, what are the top noticeable Delhi University fashion trends? Here are a few:

  • Funky hairstyles – Starting from the top, the first things that would grab the eyeballs of any visitor are the unique hairstyles. Lot of experimentation with hair colors and hair-cuts can be observed amongst the students. Streaking and chunks are the most in thing amongst girls having long hair. With some, you will also find only the colored hair edges while the rest of it is left natural. Use of hair gel and a professional Mohawks cut is also increasingly popular that keeps your hair straight all the times. Some wacky hairstyle with a combination of straight and curly hair is also seen at times. Girls with beaded hair are also seen loitering around the campus. The beaded hairstyle looks eye-catchy and very attractive .
  • Body Piercing – Piercing is no more limited only to ears. The more number of pierces one has in his/ her body more is the style quotient. You will find this to be true when you get hold of several guys and girls with multiple piercing. Ear lobe, ear cartilage, eyebrow, nostril, tongue and lip are the most popular pierced body part seen among youths at the campus. It’s interesting to see them with something as unique as tongue piercing, which is sure to seek your attention while they speak.
  • Tattoos – The strangest yet unique aspect of today’s youth, which is also quite prominent in the DU campus, is body tattooing. Youngsters love to express themselves through a variety of body tattoos on different parts and angles of their body. Most prevalent among guys is a tattoo on their arms and forehand while for girls is either the back or just above their foot. Most of them seem to have had their inspiration from Hollywood and Bollywood celebs; the most influential medium. Whatever the case be, students at Delhi University simply rock when it comes to fashion.
  • Tees, Tops and Kurtis –This is one area where a lot of variety is seen amongst the college youth. Khadi is an important fabric that’s widely used. Cotton tops to multi-colored T-shirts are chic. Skin hugging T-shirts and baggy tops are the choicest apparels this season. Floral prints, polka dots and various geometric patterns are the most widespread worn for fashion in Delhi University.
  • Low-waist jeans or cargos– Guys are mostly seen with low-waist jeans or cargos hanging right below their waist with a stylish underpants peeping out. This goes absolutely in sync with a short T-shirt, vest or a slim fitted shirt- the hip and happening Delhi University fashion trend.
  • Worn out denims – In the summer season girls prefer cotton or denim shorts. Worn out denims are always chic and give an attractive look. Hot pants in bright shades and a complementing light color top are the latest pick. Jump suits are also the best and most popular dresses among girls in the university.
  • Accessories – Youngsters carry a lot of junkies to give themselves a glam look. Stylish bracelets, beaded jewelery, long metal necklaces, single anklets are the coolest accessories often used. Moreover, girls also wear colorful and fashionable hair bands that are also attention grabbing.
  • Footwear – How can we miss on this? There is a variety of footwear for young generation but the popular ones among girls are the flip-flops in absolutely stunning colors, pretty ballerinas, converse and comfortable yet trendy floaters. Fashion in Delhi University is on a high.

The students in the DU are the emerging fashionistas. If you roam around in the campus, you will find students especially the females discussing about their favorite markets. Visiting a store in a mall is secondary for the lasses as their favorite spot for shopping is none other than the local markets like Sarojni Nagar, Kamla Nagar Market, Lajpath Nagar, and Janpath. These local markets give them all that are necessary for a glam look at reasonable prices. The prices may vary across the shops but the quality of the stuff remains more or less the same. Thus, bargaining is inevitable. Anything starting from head accessories to variety of footwear is available as you look around the market. You will also get to see unlimited shops for handbags, which is another styling prop for ladies. Variety of handbags from the contemporary Jholas to modish bags for all purposes are available.

What’s the best thing about this outlandishly fashionable crowd is that they make their own style statement. Comfort is what they look at first place. This is quite evident with the choice of their footwear for instance girls prefer flats or slip-ons over high heels or wedges. Their dressing sense depicts the carefree attitude of young guys and gals, which is so much a part of their lifestyle. Jazzy T-shirts, loose cargos, funky hairstyles, and cool backpacks act as an icing on the cake. The attitude of this versatile lot remains the same however; the other things are just the top-up. It’s very interesting to see the energy level of these college going students. Each one of us must visit the DU campus once to observe these young fashion enthusiasts, full of zeal and charisma. Fashion is on their tips irrespective of what they wear or how they wear; they still carry themselves confidently with a stunning smile on their faces. Delhi University fashion tops the circuit!


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