Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend

Cute Valentine gifts for boyfriends

Wow, it’s that time of the year again when love takes the front seat i.e. Valentine’s Day is here. Not that the entire year, it isn’t your raison d’être but there is something magical about the Valentine’s day. The entire focus and energy shifts to the boy of your life and you would be tempted to do something extra special and crazy. With limited choices for boys and most of the gifts hovering around t-shirts, shirts, trousers and jeans, thinking about options takes a toll and ends up giving nightmares. Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend have to be straight from the heart and something he will cherish and thank you a zillion times.

What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s day ?

So, here is a list of Cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him that’ll surely take away his sleep for a week atleast and make him love you all the more.

Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend

Beer Mug

Boys lover their beer mugs. It is an extension of their personalities, something like an extended arm of their selves. Gift him a beer mug with a wacky message that truly depicts him. He will be bowled over. And to top it, add the crate of his favourite beer. You will buy him for the rest of his life. Surely, a cute Valentine’s day gift idea for boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend
Say cheers together and make it more romantic.

Pen Drive of his favourite bands

Spend some time hunting all the songs of his favourite bands and burn them in a pen drive. It will be too thoughtful for him and he will realise that. It’ll remind him of you while driving or lazying at home or anytime he plays over the songs. This is perhaps a very good Valentine gift idea for boyfriend.

Pro tip: Add a personal note after each song. Record your voice and say what your heart says.

Happy Single status

Boys love their single status. Get a phone cover or a T-shirt customised with ‘SINGLE’ written in bold or any of his favourite quote. This gift will give him a high like no other. 

Gadget- An Expensive Valentine day gift for boyfriend

Use your savings for this. He would have mentioned about some gadget that he is eyeing on. Now is the time to buy him that. Gadget is to boys what makeup is to girls- too close to heart. He will also realise that more than money, he matters to you and that’s the truth any which ways. So go ahead, buy him his favourite toy.

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 Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend
How about gifting a Smart Clock which is Google Assistant enabled?

Night with his boy pals

Call all his favourite boys and ask them to plan a night out for him. Let them design the night for they are perfect at that. And while they will be enjoying the night, let one of them slip a hand written note by you to your boy stating how much you love him. He will instantly realise that the night out is your endeavour. The look on his face, the feeling in his heart for you- Priceless!

Personalised Card for Him

It works, even today! One of the cheap Valentines Day gift idea, this will be truly emotional. Make a hand written card and express your feelings. Your handwriting will be the icing on the cake. In this age of What’s app, handwritten notes carry the worth of gold.

Hope Valentine’s Day is super special and super crazy for all you girls out there.

Also further read these Valentine’s day gift ideas for him and see if you like something from this list. Show him your warmth, love, care and all that you feel and make this year count. Let the love of your life feel special and totally worth every bit of your effort.

Hope you have the answer to What to get your boyfriend for the Valentine’s day? Make the most of your day!

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