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craftsvilla sari review

I can count the number of times I have worn a sari in my life which basically means it’s restricted to a mere small number. I have shied away from wearing it to functions, gatherings, dinners, work or any other occasion. I was never comfortable nor the idea of wearing it excited me. But then came a twist! I was thrown a challenge by Craftsvilla and they wanted to see me in a sari. I told them that I have never done a post in sari and they gave me exactly the same reason to do it now. Well, they won and eventually so did I. And my love affair with a sari began.

how to wear a pallu of sari
The sari hugs me at the right places.
craftsvilla online
Oh, this drape has my heart and personal edge to it.

I chose a sari from their long list of beautiful and affordable nine yards. My criteria:

  • Comfortable so that I can wear it for longer hours without cribbing.
  • Work wear and fabulous!
  • Colourful so that it can uplift my mood every time.
  • Flowy fabric that hugs me and accentuates the curves.

I chose a multicolour georgette lacework sari that was a hit at first sight. It’s affordable, sassy and has a story of its own. Such was the pleasure of receiving it that I was at my boutique the next day for getting the blouse stitched. My brief: the blouse has to be not the quintessential design but more like a top that can be worn later with a skirt or over a loose pant. The guy did a fab job and I got what I wanted. Two days later, I was at the circles of Connaught place, heart of Delhi and rolling inside my colourful drape. I walked and walked, had a takeaway coffee with a friend and spent a beautiful evening gazing at the bright sky coupled with beautiful colours on myself. At the end, it was worth it and I realised that after all, sari can be a trustworthy partner. You just need a nice print, comfortable drape and an intent.

craftsvilla sari
The colourful fall to uplift a gloomy day…
sari blouse style
The blouse is like a top, multi purpose.
how to style a sari
Wrapped in a rainbow!
craftsvilla sari review
Some coffee please!

You can buy this sari here.

My two words of wisdom:

  • Sari is for everyone irrespective of shape, height, size or colour. It accentuates at the right places and hides at the required places.
  • You can wear it to work with as much ease as to a function. It will enhance your confidence if you are upto it.
  • Give a spin to your workwear by adding these nine yards to it. There is a different fun in swirling around in a sari and it’s a pleasant break from your regular pants, skirts and kurtas.
  • Even if you are sceptic, make a start. Get one and experiment. Most likely you’ll add more!
  • Have fun with the blouse style and drape. Don’t wear the regular style blouses. Make your own style for there is so much to explore. Drape it your way and make your own mark. Sari loves back any which ways!
    craftsvilla review
    Work wear simplified.
    craftsvilla review online
    craftsvilla sari review
    Just head to a post work evening plan…
    craftsvilla sari review
    Some moments are just yours!

I have loved the way I’ve draped my sari. It’s so chic and so me. That was my swag. Hope you create yours too and when you do, do share it with me. You can always mail me or connect with me at Facebook and Instagram. I would love to hear from you. Till then, have fun, do good and keep it classy.



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  1. i think challenge completed with an affair. Wear style of saree is extraordinary you are looking elegant and gorgeous in it. Also different postures of you also gives us an idea how to wear saree in different way.

  2. Wow! Looking gorgeous! It’s great to see how contemporary stylistas such as yourself are renewing this traditional Indian clothing with fresh styles of draping and styling. Do check out our collection of handcrafted designer sarees, stoles and organic tees at a homegrown e-com platform promoting the work of indigenous artisans.

  3. Saree is one that one piece of garment that every Indian girl loves. You have draped the saree in so many ways that it is difficult to choose which one is the best. All are equally classy and stylish. You just made me realize that saree can be worn very comfortably without being conscious. Thanks for sharing.

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