Cool college fashion tips! By Nisha Kausar

All set to go to college and have no idea what is best to wear at college? Fear of “what to wear”, Bingo!! You have landed at the best place. College is the best phase in your entire life as you are full of life and want to look the best out of the lot. Easy and simple, yet comfortable, here are some of the best college fashion tips for you to adorn. You never know, you may create a whole new trend in your college.

When it comes to dressing up, every girl wishes to look the best but it is equally important for you to see that you are comfortable enough in whatever you wish to wear. Keeping the comfort level the top priority, these are some of the best college fashion tips.

Remember you are going to college; therefore keep it simple yet stylish.

  • Do not stress yourself, change your look. All you need to do is choose the colors which suit you best because the first impression is the best impression. Transform yourself; give yourself a new look, wear those deep blues and deep pinks for a bright you.
  • Classic blue jeans are never ever out of fashion, it is a must in your wardrobe. Nevertheless, you can go for all the funk colors of jeans like the pinks, greens, browns, and blues etc which are available these days and give you a complete different look. But be wise in pairing it up with the right color of t-shirt, after all you never want to end up looking like a clown. Pick wide colors of t-shirts to match up with the jeans. Pick the right color of jeans for the right color of t-shirt or a shirt. If you want to wear bright yellow denim then pair it up with a black loose t-shirt, it looks funky yet stylish. Green denim can be paired with a white shirt; this combination is my personal favorite and will definitely make you look out of the crowd.

  •  Accessorize with a trendy handbag, cool shades, some great looking belt, broad bangles, converse shoes or high heels and yes leave your hair to glory. It indeed looks great.

  • If your built is heavy on top prefer V-neck t-shirts, broad shoulders can go for round necked t-shirt.
  • Floral shirts and tops are always good especially in this season of springs and your fresh start to your college. They go good with the black, white or even the blue denims. Team it up with a prominent neckpiece and your college fashion quotient goes high!
  • Skirts and shorts give you the hep look and are comfortable as well. You can team a floral skirt with a cool shirt and further accessorize with a trendy earring, a sleek belt, a big tote bag and wear either with wedge heel or cool slippers.
  • Shorts boost up your confidence if you wear and carry it right. Don’t wear high heels with shorts, always go for loose tops with sandals or belly shoes and pair it up with cool shades.

If you are not more of a western person, do not worry for I have some styling tips even for you. You can go for a simple kurti or tunics and pair it up with churidars or lycra. If you are comfortable enough then avoid the dupatta else there is no harm at all in keeping the dupatta, it adds the girly factor in you. Accessorizing the traditional look is interesting as you have a wide range which you can mix and match. College fashion is all about funk and spunk.

This is all with the styling tips but nothing can complete your look if you don’t have the smile on your face and the confidence to carry yourself. If you have these, wear anything and it will still look perfect on you. Let yourself loose, have a wonderful start.


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