How Not to be Compulsive Shopper?

I hate it when I have to restrain from my favorite sport … alas what to do when the need of the hour demands the same .Well we are sane girls and to all you boys out there- YES,WE KNOW WAYS HOW NOT TO BE A COMPULSIVE SHOPPER.

It all started seeing racks of clothes, shoes and accessories with their price tags still on. Initially it felt good to possess them but later on the feeling of wasting money started sinking in .I would often sneak purchases into the house or lie about the actual cost. Add to this, my credit card often maxed out and I would end up paying a better half of my salary salvaging the over spending, only to repeat the vicious cycle month on month. I realized my shopaholism needed attention and I made the following list  of to get rid of my compulsive shopper quality.

Make a list : Always make a list of items that you need to buy and stick to it. You are most likely to come back home with the things you need when you carry the list.

Stay at Home : If there isn’t a need to shop,don’t go out shopping simply because your are bored and need some fun.Never mix shopping with amusement. Try going to a relative’s house or say hi to a friend. This will also help in networking and a chance to eat good food at their place 🙂

No or only required Internet shopping : The latest and the best way to over spend is through online shopping. The websites carry the best offers to lure into buying everything and anything.Whether it is the best offer on clothes or make up or a spa treatment, do not buy it if it isn’t on the list .

Start paying cash or use debit cards : Avoid credit card purchases as much as possible. Pay by cash or debit card for each purchase. This will help keep tab on the shopping urges.

Take a friend along : It will be easier to curb the temptation to shop when you have someone with you. Tell your friend the old saying : ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.He/she should check your impulse and help you resist shopping urges.

Make use of your existing wardrobe  :Mix and match outfits and accessories to create a new look everyday. Wear your thinking cap and go innovative…and stop chanting “I have nothing to wear”, every time you open your closet. Your wardrobe is perhaps the best and its on you to make the full use of it.

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Are you also a compulsive shopper? If yes, are you able to control your compulsive shopping urges or not?

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