Classic Fancy Dress Themes

Fancy dress may not be everybody’s cup of tea but for those who enjoy throwing their imagination into a lavish outfit, the possibilities are near endless. Fancy dress costumers are not only worn to themed evenings and parties but they are also popular for wearing to conventions and to other organised events.

Halloween is considered the biggest fancy dress party time of all. While the premise of trick or treat and dressing up for Halloween may be considered to have roots firmly placed in the USA it has become very popular in the UK too. Costumes vary greatly depending on budget and imagination but there are a few classics that you are bound to see during a Halloween themed night.

Classic Halloween costumes include skeleton suits. A white skeleton, which often glows in the dark, is printed on to a black outfit. The more courageous outfit wearers may also opt for those that have black hoods and faces painted on them. Zombie culture is not only alive and well but positively thriving thanks to popular films and TV series. Vampires and werewolves, ghosts, and demon outfits will be seen everywhere around you come the end of October.

Christmas parties may also enjoy a fancy dress theme. Office Christmas parties have become a thing of folklore but Christmas parties can also be held in the home, at function rooms, and in local pubs and restaurants. Only a week later, New Years’ Eve is a popular time for dressing up although the theme for these events is a little less predictable and the host can pick from any of a range of different events, eras, or other themes.

Costumes for Christmas parties will usually include elf and Santa outfits for both men and women. If you’re looking for something a little different then why not have a Christmas film theme? All of your guests should try to dress up as a character from their favourite, or least favourite, Christmas film.

It used to be necessary to create your own costumes by mixing and matching clothing items or by creating them completely from scratch but this is no longer the case. It is possible to buy inexpensive but great looking outfits for men, women, and children. The outfits are sized and there are options that vary from demure to racy for both sexes.

Cops and robbers is a popular theme for almost any time of year and to celebrate any event. For a stag or hen you could dress the bride or groom up as a robber and have the rest of the group dress up as cops. Be warned, though, that this does lend itself well to the use of handcuffs, and the merest suggestion of cuffs may make the stag or hen more than a little nervous.

Cowboys and Indians, or a general Wild West theme, can make for a great summer do. You can hire a hog roast or get a giant vat of chilli on the go and offer line dancing too if you really want to push the boat out. For summer birthdays or for a really uniquely themed wedding reception you can consider these as potential ideas.

When organising any event or party it is important that you make it enjoyable and memorable. Having a theme not only affords you the opportunity to provide both of these by the bucket load but it also makes the planning a little easier, in some respects. If you plan a Spanish themed party then you will have a clearer idea of the entertainment, the outfits, and the type of food and drink that you will be offering your guests as well as how the venue should be dressed up.

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