9 Christmas Gift ideas for Boyfriend

Boyfriend gift ideas

With the slight nip in the air and the festivities around, Christmas 2014 is just here. There is happiness all over. Although romance needs no season, this is the perfect cuddle up season. And the magical breeze is certainly adding to the zing! We have curated a list of heart touching Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend for this festive season.

Take the romance to an all new high with these Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

They pamper you all year round, so this time you surprise them by a special gift. Whether it is a homemade Christmas gift or a birthday gift idea, the main aim is to spread the love. And I am sure that these unique Christmas gift ideas would do the trick!

  1. Customized Chocolates

Who can refuse to chocolates? The perfect gift for any occasion, in fact chocolates have the super power to make even a routine day special. Among the numerous gift ideas for boyfriends, chocolates certainly take the lead. So this festive season, spread a smile and let the customised chocolates express your love. And if you are looking for homemade Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, the chocolates can be freshly made at home by you with extra sugar and love.

2. Grooming Accessories

Stubble or clean shaved? If you also have this debate with your boyfriend, then this is the best Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend. Be the secret Santa and gift him a grooming kit. There are many options available in the market and online. A little bit of research and you would be sorted!

Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends
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  1. Perfume

When you smell good, you feel good. Fragrances are one of the most popular gift ideas for boyfriends. You can give a standalone piece or give an entire combo pack. Some stores and websites also give you the option of combining various brands into a single pack. So make use of it….

Gift ideas for boyfriends
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Nothing beats DavidOff when it comes to gifting. Woody or Citrus, Eau de perfume or an aftershave, I am sure you know your guy’s preference.

  1. Holiday Package

Wanting to spend some quality time with him, but both of you are too busy chasing deadlines and handling client meetings? Well, this unique Christmas gift idea would certainly bring the spice back.

Surprise your beloved by gifting him a holiday package. Mountains, beaches, Goa, Venice or Bali…you have the world to choose from. Spend some time with your loved one exploring different parts of the world and let love soar to new heights! This makes for one of the most romantic Boyfriend gift ideas.

  1. Liquor

Men love their alcohol! So what better gift for them… One of the most loved Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends is liquor. Just pick up his favorite malt, add a personalized tag message and a colorful bow. If he is a wine lover, gift him a complete wine set and see the twinkle in his eyes. Alcohol is to men what cosmetics is to women, priceless! There is always a room for more.

  1. Bar

And just in case you don’t know what liquor to choose, there is a simpler option. Let him finalize the alcohol himself, you get the bar. Small or big, wall mounted or a trolley, bars are available in varying sizes and patterns. You can pick them as per the décor of his room. A lot of furniture shops offer customized services, so you can get one made as per your boyfriend’s taste. If you are too busy, order online.

Now that’s what I call a gift that is totally irresistible.

  1. Bar accessories

Bar accessories are also great Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend. There are many types of bar accessories available that you can choose from – shot glasses, beer mugs, stirrers, whiskey glasses, bottle openers, wine racks…the list is really long. Stealthily check your guy’s bar so that you know what are the things that he needs the most. This can also be used as a great birthday gift idea for boyfriend.

Christmas 2014 gift ideas for boyfriend
Gift Personalized Engraved Love Wine Glasses. Click on the picture to order now.
  1. Coffee Machine

This weather and coffee…pure bliss! An amazing gift idea that would be loved by him. For fresh and steamy coffee, a coffee machine is an ideal gift. You can choose from different brands available in the market as per the size and utility. In addition to the variety in brands, you can also choose the coffee maker depending upon the type of coffee he prefers – espresso maker, latte maker, coffee bean grinder, filter coffee maker etc.

Christmas 2014 unique gift ideas
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So, what are you waiting for? Get up and smell the coffee! You can also add a set of coffee mugs to go along. After all, you’ll be the second one having that coffee with him. Let the coffee mugs be really quirky ones. Choose from abstract designs or funny one liners or have the picture of you both printed on the mug. Have your place permanently in his house :).

  1. Jackets/Blazers

Your love certainly gives him the much needed warmth, but for that added effect you can gift your boyfriend a jacket or a blazer. If he is the heavy metal, biker type then a leather jacket would be ideal, while on the other hand if he is the art gallery goer then a corduroy blazer would make an ideal gift. For work, keep it to formals but break the monotony and choose from plaids to the classic checks. Add some color to his work wear and take him away from the boring blacks and greys. This Christmas gift, he should definitely remember.

Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends
Add color to his life with eye catching jackets and outer wear.

Hoping that you like these unique Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend! Well, don’t just like, make use of these ideas and plan a perfect gift to surprise him. Let this year be really special for him. Make it all worthwhile. And yes, don’t forget to add that extra flavour of love.

What do you think about these ideas? Do let us know your thoughts about these Boyfriend gift ideas in the comments below. And if you have done something cute already, bring it on. Sharing is caring!

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  1. Hi! this is Aftab the mango man so i was asking for girls what should i gift .
    really she is so cute that i cant imagine that what should i borrow for her in this Christmas and at new year too so please message me coz. i really like her more then my life ..she is precious for me

      1. thx for you response but c dint wore such a saree even i dint know but the Cosmetics thing is like to gift her any as hair straighter any many more i need such a different thing to do just it would the first things that c will remember forever even i m here or not so.any idea plz..soon …

        thanks for such a ideas any hope u might help me out soon

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